The list of Cases and Conditions below demonstrates what wheatgrass extract can be capable of.

When using the extract, the following advice can be helpful:

  • The most important rule for healing with wheatgrass is “less is best.” A little wheatgrass goes a long way. There is no need to apply it several times a day. In fact, doing that is not only wasteful, it can sometimes slow the healing process. In many cases, once or twice weekly is sufficient. In some cases, e.g. diabetic ulcers, apply a little once every three or four weeks.
  • Persevere. Sometimes, healing can occur rapidly - within a day or two e.g. minor burns. However, for treatment of long-standing skin ulcers,  You can read more about recommended dosages here.
  • In general, for injuries and skin conditions, apply the extract only once or twice a week. i.e. about every four days. e.g. Mondays & Thursdays.
  • For long-standing (chronic) conditions, e.g. leg & diabetic foot ulcers, apply the extract once a week, or even less if the wound is constantly wet - and persevere.

These instructions may seem unusual, but when healing with wheatgrass it is important not to view it as a drug. There is a substantial difference between a natural remedy and a drug. The effectiveness of drugs usually depends on maintaining high levels of it in the blood stream whereas the opposite applies to wheatgrass. Increasing the dose will not accelerate the healing process which is an important benefit when compared with drugs.

This article is an attempt to explain how wheatgrass accelerates healing and relieves pain.

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Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.