Dr. Chris Reynolds

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Wheatgrass can assist recovery of many conditions such as diabetic and venous leg ulcersradiotherapy burns and topical steroid withdrawal.

As an orthodox family doctor highly skeptical of alternative remedies, rapid pain relief of an elderly patient’s long-standing leg ulcer by wheatgrass extract, turned my head. Safe, effective and inexpensive, (easily home-grown), it soon became my first line of treatment for many conditions.

Wheatgrass has been used for healing since ancient times. More recently, in the 1930’s, before antibiotics were discovered, wheatgrass (and other cereal grasses) saved the lives of numerous patients with life-threatening infections in a number of US hospitals. Many other healing phenomena were also described. More than 1,000 unsolicited testimonials on this site demonstrate how well wheatgrass can act as a healing agent for a broad variety of conditions.

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Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.