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Welcome to "Healing With Wheatgrass Extract"

I have more than 27 years' experience healing or improving many medical conditions and injuries using a potent extract derived from wheatgrass sprouts. Here, you can find many examples of medical conditions and injuries that have responded to this "simple", but effective, treatment.

Please use the SEARCH button for specific conditions, or you can contact me (free) if you want to know more about how the extract can help you.

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To achieve best healing results from the extract, I recommend you:

  • USE LESS - NOT MORE. (This is the key to success.) You don't need to over treat. Apply the extract LIGHTLY - twice a week e.g. Monday/Thursday - or even less. (See: How to use wheatgrass extract for best results.)
  • For whole-body benefits, take the extract (Supershots - half a capful), on alternate days.
  • For slow or non-healing conditions such as leg ulcers, psoriasis etc., apply once every 2 to 4 weeks. 
  • PERSEVERE. Recovery can take from a few days to several months, depending on the severity and the type of condition.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.