A Brief Introduction To Wheatgrass Healing

Dr. Chris Reynolds   M.B.,B.S.  

In 1995, I was fortunate, as a medical doctor, to “re-discover” the healing properties of wheatgrass. It can work very well for numerous medical conditions and injuries, often when there is no “modern” medicines that can help to improve quality of life.

Many of my patients have recovered from supposedly “untreatable” conditions such as diabetic and venous leg ulcers, radiotherapy burns and injuries, molluscum contagiosum, topical steroid withdrawal, to name a few.

In the 1930’s, wheatgrass (and other cereal grasses) were used widely in highly respected teaching hospitals in the United States to hasten healing of many conditions. There is no reason then, why wheatgrass shouldn’t continue to do what it has been known to do for thousands of years.

It is also very safe and virtually devoid of adverse side effects.

Wheatgrass could even improve your quality of life.

Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.

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