Burns: 2nd. degree. Anecdote.

A waitress in distress

An 18 year old waitress ran in to my surgery screaming with pain having just spilled boiling hot soup over her right hand working at a nearby restaurant. The burn looked serious. A large area of her palm was bright red, swollen and already beginning to blister.

Approaching final university examinations, likely eviction for unpaid rent and losing her job because of the burn had her very worried.

Normally, it would take at least two or three weeks for her to return to work. Because burns easily become infected, she would need daily dressings, wound debridement, pain control (which is always difficult to manage), and antibiotics.

There was also a possibility of allergic reaction to silver sulfadiazine – “the” burns drug used by most doctors worldwide. Unfortunately it does little or nothing to ease pain or prevent infection – but it’s used anyway!

Her employer would also be in difficulties having to find and train another employee and deal with the associated paperwork.

How wheatgrass solved the problem

For a number of years I had used wheatgrass regularly for relieving pain and healing second degree burns. Why? Because it worked far better than silver sulfadiazine. Wheatgrass is a powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic and wound-healing agent.

Therefore, I did not cool the wound with cold water. Instead, I sprayed a little wheatgrass extract over her hand then applied a protective bandage.  The secret to healing burns is to maintain blood flow under the skin at all costs. Cold water has the opposite effect, but wheatgrass improves the circulation.

After applying a light protective bandage I told her the pain would be gone by the morning and she could most likely return to work.

She shook her head. “No chance!”

I wrote a prescription for a strong analgesic just in case (which she never used) and made an appointment for her first thing the next morning.

When I walked into the office, she was sitting there minus the bandage and with a beaming smile on her face. She said the pain disappeared around midnight so she didn’t need analgesics. She also had a full range of pain-free movement of the hand and fingers. There was no tenderness to touch, blistering or broken skin. Her palm was mildly red, but that was all.

She then returned to work. I presumed her employer was relieved.

More about wheatgrass for burns

Since I first used wheatgrass for healing burns in 1995, I have never had to deal with infection.

Wheatgrass is clearly a potent anti-inflammatory/analgesic substance that also protects wounds from infection. Numerous healing phenomena observations (there are many more in these pages) over more than 20 years show that wheatgrass appears to help the body heal itself.

In any case, imagine how useful wheatgrass extract could be in locations such as hospital emergency rooms, ambulances, doctors’ surgeries – even on the beach for sunburn and jellyfish sting wounds!

To my knowledge, no other substance rapidly eases pain, prevents or reduces fluid and protein loss from the burn surface, and strengthens local immunity to prevent infection.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

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