How to gain most benefit from wheatgrass extract healing

If applied lightly to the skin or over injuries, just twice weekly, (e.g. Monday/Thursday) wheatgrass extract can effectively affect healing or improve the status of a broad spectrum of medical conditions and injuries. In fact, since I began working with the extract in 1995, it has healed or improved the status of countless injuries, skin and medical conditions when orthodox treatments failed.

There is just one important rule to follow when using wheatgrass extract.

“Less is best.”

Correct! Don’t over-treat. A little goes a long way.

I suggest you follow these general rules:

  1. FOR SKIN CONDITIONS AND INJURIES, (e.g. wounds, skin rashes, burns, topical steroid withdrawal, psoriasis, eczema, molluscum, radiation burns) apply the Skin Recovery Spray or Skin Recovery Cream lightly to affected area(s) just twice weekly – say Monday/Thursday and persevere.
  2. Because it is the wheatgrass extract that heals, you can use any product – even the Supershots – for treating skin conditions. For “whole body” medical conditions, take half a teaspoonful of the Supershots, on alternate days, and persevere.
  3. For conditions such as chronic leg and foot ulcers, (diabetic, venous etc.) lightly apply Skin Recovery Spray or Cream or Superbalm, ONCE EVERY TWO WEEKS. Do not over treat, but cleanse the wound daily and keep it covered with a clean, light dressing (e.g. gauze padding and a bandage) to assist healing.
  4. Finally, persevere, and try to be patient. Healing can take time, but wheatgrass extract often heals when other treatments have failed.

Generally speaking, to help maintain a healthy body, or to help recover from whole body illness, such as glandular fever, ulcerative colitis and viral infections – I suggest you do what I do. Take half a capful (i.e - 2.5ml.) of Dr Wheatgrass Supershots daily. It is important to hold the liquid in your mouth for half a minute before swallowing to enable bioactives in the extract to find their way directly into the bloodstream for a positive whole body effect.

And, please contact me should you wish to know more. (Free service, no strings - guaranteed.)

Dr. Chris Reynolds.