Sprained ankle

Wheatgrass rapidly heals a severely sprained ankle

About 8.30 one weekday morning, a young woman was carried into my office over a workmate’s shoulder. She’d caught her foot in a nearby tramline, severely twisting and spraining her ankle. The pain and swelling around the ankle was so extensive I was sure she had a fracture. She was also unable to place her foot on the floor, let alone walk.

In my pre-wheatgrass days, I would have applied ice and pressure bandages, given her a pair of crutches and some analgesics and sent her for an X-ray. She would certainly have been unfit for work for at least a week.

I helped her on to the couch for a closer examination and immediately applied some wheatgrass extract over the swollen area. Refusing to take an X-ray because she was “late for work”! – I bandaged her ankle, gave her some crutches and painkillers and off she went to work!

Three hours later, she returned to the surgery CARRYING her crutches while fully weight bearing on the injured foot!

The gross swelling had almost gone!

She then handed me the crutches and said, “Thank you doctor. I don’t think I need these or that X-ray now!”

Normally, such an injury would take a week or more for the patient to be able to weight bear, let alone be pain-free. Also, an X-ray would have been mandatory.

But how could wheatgrass achieve such reduction in pain and swelling so quickly?”

So many soft tissue injuries respond to wheatgrass with rapid reduction of swelling and pain, usually by the following day. Somehow, it stops bleeding and swelling and reduce or eliminates pain. Whatever bioactive(s) might be responsible, they must be absorbed rapidly through the skin and penetrate deeply into the tissues underneath.

(View an example of elimination of large bruise by wheatgrass).

How did wheatgrass achieve such dramatic healing – and so quickly?

This question still dogs me after many years, but I believe I’m getting close to an explanation.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.