BURN: Second degree. Pain relieved rapidly & wound healed

Cold water should not be used to treat superficial or second degree burns such as sunburn because it does little to soothe pain, reduce skin damage or assist healing.

By comparison, wheatgrass extract relieves pain quickly, reduces inflammation and hastens recovery, even with radiotherapy and laser burns.


1. Immediately spray the whole burn/scald area and seek medical assistance. Bioactives in the extract are rapidly absorbed through the skin and help ease pain, reduce inflammation, prevent infection and accelerate healing.
2. Remove clothing, jewellery or other items carefully from around the burnt area. If the burn is caused by boiling fat, molten plastic etc., carefully remove the bulk of it with a clean cloth. Apply the burn spray over and around the affected area and seek medical attention.
3.  Do NOT soak the burn in cold water.
Cooling reduces blood circulation to the burn area, so ice or cold water should not be used. Instead, use warm water to help increase blood supply to the burn area. (Read more)
4.  If necessary, use a very light dressing such as gauze or clean cotton to cover the burn.
5.  Give pain-killers (analgesics) but wheatgrass alone will often reduce or eliminate pain.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

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