Diabetes: Wheatgrass heals an infected wound

A challenging but remarkable healing event

This 55 y.o. non-insulin dependent diabetic female suffered a severe injury to her knee. The wound required 26 sutures (stitches), but it soon became infected and re-opened because the stitches couldn’t hold the wound edges together. Two weeks later, most of the sutures had ruptured and the patient was in severe pain. (Fig. 1.).

After the wound was cleansed, only wheatgrass extract was applied on alternate days only. Antibiotics were not prescribed.
Fig. 1. 2 weeks after infection of knee injury in middle aged female. Note pus oozing from infected wound. Originally heavily sutured, the wound has re-opened. Wheatgrass extract applied three times weekly.
Fig. 2. Two weeks later, the wound has dried, and surface is beginning to heal with no sign of infection.
Fig. 3. At 5 weeks, the wound is quite clean & healing well.
Fig. 4. At 2 months from commencement of wheatgrass extract, the wound has completely healed and the patient is pain-free and fully mobile.This case demonstrates how effective wheatgrass extract can be for healing infected wounds aggravated by diabetes which often slows the healing process and predisposes the patient to infection. Also, no antibiotics were used in the healing of this wound which suggests that other (natural) healing forces appear to be at work by using wheatgrass.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.