Molluscum contagiosum – Why not to use cantharadine/cantharone. (Beetle juice)

Mother’s Story:

My daughter B is doing very well.  Wheatgrass extract has made a huge difference to her molluscums and I’m really glad I bought it. When they applied Cantharone (acidy stuff) on her lesions of her abdomen and legs they had blistered up and left raw skin after popping which was a very painful.

I had just received wheatgrass extract around that time and started using it straight away.  Before that I had noticed little molluscums started forming again so just as well i received it right away. I applied it everyday and noticed after a week the difference. It stopped spreading and growing any further.  I am still religiously applying wheatgrass.

Dr. Chris Reynolds’ comment about using cantharone:

The Food and Drug Adminstiration in the United States considers Cantharone (cantharadin) to be “dangerous” and “an extremely toxic substance”. It has therefore not approved its use as a therapeutic substance. By comparison, wheatgrass is effective for treating molluscum and side effects are virtually unheard of. The wheatgrass extract I use and recommend for this condition is quite safe for use on the skin, and can even be used safely for oral conditions.

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