If you have a question about using wheatgrass extract for a particular condition, please contact me using the form below. This service is free, and your information is for my eyes only.

Please provide as much information as you can about the condition:

  • The patient's FIRST AND LAST NAME, AGE and GENDER (m/f).
    I have numerous patients on file, so this information is essential if you want me to respond. 
  • The diagnosis (if you know it) and associated problems.
  • How long the problem has existed.
  • Laboratory test results (if available).
  • Current treatment(s) e.g. medications, wound treatments etc.
  • Do your best to send me photograph(s) of the condition. e.g. leg ulcer, psoriasis, eczema etc..

I will reply usually within 24 hours.

Please go to this page for Dr Wheatgrass suppliers.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.