For free advice on using wheatgrass extract for treatment of a particular condition, please fill in the form below and forward it to me. All information is confined to myself only.

If you can, please provide the following information: Your (and/or the patient you may be assisting) FIRST AND LAST NAME, AGE and GENDER (m/f).

  • The patient's DIAGNOSIS (if known).
  • HOW LONG the patient has had the problem. (Approximately)
  • RELEVANT TEST RESULTS if available.
  • Current treatments (if any). e.g. topical steroids, antibiotics etc.
  • A photograph or two of affected or injured area(s) will do much to help me help you. e.g. leg ulcer, psoriasis, eczema, injury, etc.

I can usually reply within 24 hours.

Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.

    Dr Wheatgrass products resellers (International).