Healing wounds without infection

An example of how effectively wheatgrass can heal wounds is shown in the pictures below. A skin graft has been treated by orthodox medical means for six weeks. The wound is healing very slowly and looks unhealthy because of poor blood supply. (Fig. 1)

Fig. 1. Skin graft before wheatgrass

Wheatgrass extract was applied at this stage. Then, as can be seen in Fig. 2, after only 2 days, the graft is already recovering well because the blood supply to the wound is recovering.

Fig. 2. Two days later. Note healthy appearance

In Fig. 3. the graft has completely healed in just 3 weeks. One would therefore expect wheatgrass to heal other “wounds” in a similar way, such as anal fissure – which it frequently does.

Fig. 3. Graft completely healed in 3 weeks

How does wheatgrass work for wound healing?

Having used wheatgrass on thousands of patients successfully for a variety of conditions it is clear to me that it facilitates the natural healing process e.g. wounds, burns, etc. Usually,  the open wound is re-covered with a thin film of new cells in 24-48 hours, during which time the patient’s pain often disappears as well. These are healing phenomena that are rarely seen when “standard” healing methods are used. 

In my own experience, antibiotics have rarely been used or needed. Dressings lift cleanly off the wound (they normally stick to it) , and the healing process is much quicker. The healing process is also very comprehensive – swelling is rapidly reduced, bleeding stops and residual blood it absorbed overnight. Wound infection, including injuries and burns, has been unknown to me since I began using wheatgrass for wounds in 1995.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.