Wound healing. Squamous cell carcinoma excision wound heals quickly

This patient had a squamous cell carcinoma (malignant skin cancer) removed from her finger 30 days prior to this picture being taken. The wound was covered with a skin graft, but after a month of dressings it lacks vitality and the graft is struggling.

This photograph was taken just 16 hours after the patient applied a single dose of wheatgrass extract on the wound. This has been completely debrided (cleared of loose, flaking dead skin) and the grafted skin looks very healthy with a vital appearance and a good blood supply. This is typical of how effective wheatgrass can be for wound healing.

10 days after commencing daily wheatgrass extract. (Picture is enlarged to show detail.)  Apart from a small area where the wound was traumatised, the graft has healed seamlessly, the graft skin is strong with good blood circulation.

4 weeks. The graft has healed completely using only wheatgrass extract and dry dressings.

Hi Dr. Reynolds,

Here is my testimonial:

My wheatgrass extract arrived yesterday…I took before and after pictures.  16 hours apart.  The results are truly amazing.  My skin graft today is now exactly one month ago.  I should have had this product weeks ago.  It’s hard to believe that these pictures are less than 24hrs apart.  I truly hope you can see these pictures…let me know,

Many thanks.

P. S. The skin around the wound is sloughing; each time I wash it with soap and water skin peels off.  This morning after I washed it, I accidentally bumped it before my dressing application and a very thin layer of skin peeled off.  That is why the wound bed looks so red.

L. C. USA. 1 June, 2011

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