Animals. Infected horse wounds heal rapidly with wheatgrass

The following message was sent by a ranch owner in Mexico regarding large, difficult-to-heal horse wounds:

“Today we rescued a 5 month old colt who had been attacked by dogs a few days ago. He was found on a back road – he had large infected wounds on both sides of his face and on his left front leg.

The injury on the leg was so swollen that he couldn’t bend the knee joint so the animal was virtually immobile. Tomorrow morning the vet is coming to clean and debride these nasty sores. I have recently begun to use your  Wheatgrass Cream on my forearm where I had some squamous cell carcinoma removed. As I applied it tonight, I started to think – if this has made such a difference in my wound, what could it do for this little colt? Dawn S.”

We sent some wheatgrass extract to Dawn who documented the healing process. Recovery of the wounds was remarkable. She had this to say:

“Anything white you see in the photos is a maggot or worm. When the wounds were sprayed post debridement with ether and iodine, thin white worms were crawling out of everywhere! He’s much better today. He’s getting penicillin, an oral paste for inflammation and pain, and cleaning each morning with hydrogen peroxide and iodine and is packed with Furacin ointment in the afternoon.”

“When the wheatgrass spray treatment began, all other medications and dressings were stopped, so the healing you see below was all achieved by wheatgrass alone.

These photographs reveal remarkable, rapid healing of two of several wounds.

Inside Left Front Leg

Right jaw

Discussion: After many years’ experience of accelerating human wound healing with wheatgrass, the rapid recovery of these grossly infected horse wounds was not surprising.

Wheatgrass healed massive open, often-infected wounds and saved many lives in US hospitals in the 1930’s – before antibiotics (penicillin) arrived on the scene. This case study is no exception.  Because an animal is being treated, there can be no ‘placebo effect’.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

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