RESEARCH: Wheatgrass extract accelerates wound-healing.


Veterinary surgeons found that wheatgrass extract accelerates the healing of open wounds and dermatitis in animals.


19 surgeons took part, (none having prior experience of wheatgrass as a healing agent), treating mainly horses, cats and dogs.

110 questionnaires were returned and vets were paid a nominal fee for reporting.


Open Wounds

80 percent in all three groups were declared “Very effective” and 18% “Moderately effective”.


51% found “Very effective”, 41% “Moderately effective” and the remainder, “Not-effective”.

Overall, 92 percent considered WE “effective”, 64% “very effective” and 28 percent “moderately effective”.


Being an animal study, placebo effect could be ruled out.


These results demonstrate that wheatgrass can facilitate wound healing in animals.

Equine (Horse) wounds

Wheatgrass extract was highly effective in most cases, and chronic wounds that were unresponsive to other treatments also healed rapidly.

Canine (Dog) wounds

The extract was “very effective” for open wounds and eczema/dermatitis.

Summary of results:

Conditions Treated Effectively Horses Dogs Cats Other Total
Open wounds 21 22 10 3 56
Eczema/ dermatitis 2 34 1 37
Burns 2 2
Pulled muscle 1 1
Nasal granulation 1 1
Acute pyoderma 4 4
Boils, abscesses, infected cysts 4 4
Metatarsal fracture 1 1
Acute lick granuloma 1 1
Hot spot 1 1
Cat bite abscess 2 2
Total 23 70 14 3 110


Australia. July, 2001

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

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