Radiotherapy burns recover rapidly

Testimonial provided by the patient’s spouse

My husband had radiotherapy following secondary melanoma.

His radiotherapy burns were severe and the area under his armpit was like raw steak and he was in a lot of pain. I felt the traditional treatment of Sorbolene was locking in the heat and adding to his discomfort and delaying his healing.

As a registered Nurse, I discussed this with my sister also an R.N but well versed in alternative medicine and she suggested I get Wheatgrass extract.  I was sceptical but desperate.  Well no longer – he got immediate relief, the healing process was rapid and he was able to sleep.  It is the greatest support to the healing process and pain relief.  I am now a total supporter. Dr. Chris you are a genius. Thank you.

Kind regards,

T. C. Western Australia. 18 February 2016


This case is a typical healing response to radiation burns (“skin toxicity”) by using wheatgrass extract. Rapid pain relief, effective pain prevention, inflammation reduction and rapid wound healing. Ironically, radiotherapists have been searching for such a remedy for over 100 years since radiotherapy was introduced, but without success.

What they don’t appear to know is that wheatgrass extract was shown to be effective in reducing radiation pain in a clinical study in Australia, (and as a highly effective pain killer in the United States in the 1930’s!) which results I can vouch for from my own clinical experience. This is unfortunate, given the amount of pain so many of their patients suffer during and after treatment.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.