BURNS: Deep, second-degree burn heals rapidly after wheatgrass extract applied


Case No. 1. This patient accidentally burned herself on a hot stove top. The original burn (at left) is quite deep, inflamed and open, making it prone to infection - a common complication of burns.

After one week's daily treatment with wheatgrass extract, the wound has completely healed with new skin covering the area. This is very unusual for burn wounds as they can often become infected, and/or resist healing considerably.

2nd degree burn wrist

Case No. 2. 

The severe second-degree burn on this patient's wrist healed completely after 27 daily treatments with wheatgrass extract. The superficial scarring also healed quickly and completely.

I am not aware of any pharmaceutical or other application that can produce such comprehensive and rapid recovery of such wounds. Silver sulfadiazine is generally applied, but unlike wheatgrass extract, it does little if anything to relieve pain, prevent infection or accelerate healing.

Wheatgrass extract should be applied lightly over cleansed wounds on alternate days at the beginning, then gradually reduce until the wound is clearly re-covered by new skin tissue.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.