Split lip one year heals in 2 weeks. WG applied once.

LEFT: 6 August 04. Split lower lip. Chronic wound – present approx. 12 months. Painful. Patient unable to laugh or smile. Numeorous attempts at healing.

RIGHT: 20 August 04. Wound healed two weeks after one application of wheatgrass extract.

This young male suffered with a very painful split lower lip for 12 months. Being an affable, fun-loving person, the chronic wound seriously affected his quality of life because it hurt to smile, let alone laugh so he isolated himself from his friends. He had sought numerous remedies including steroid creams, anti-fungals, antibiotics and emollient creams – all of which were unsuccessful.

I gave him some wheatgrass extract in a cream base to be applied twice daily with review in two weeks. When he returned, the wound had completely healed as seen in the picture on the right. Because it stung when applied to the wound, he only used it once!

Dr. Chris Reynolds.