LEUKEMIA: A child responds positively to wheatgrass extract

What is leukemia?

Leukemia literally means "white blood".

It is a type of cancer that develops from the stem (immature) cells of the bone marrow which leads to excessive production of abnormal “leukemic” white blood cells. They then “crowd out” normal white cells and red cells, slowing their development and reducing their effectiveness.

Normally, white cells prevent infection by helping to rid the body of invading bacteria and other organisms. They also kill the cancer cells that continually form inside our bodies. If there are insufficient white cells, this can lead to infection. Also, a shortage of blood platelets can cause adverse effects such as bruising and bleeding gums.

There are essentially two different categories of leukemia - acute (rapid development), and chronic (slow development). Acute lymphoblastic leukemia is the most common form in young children, but it can also occur in adults.

What are the symptoms of leukemia?

Commonly, these consist of fatigue, weight loss, night sweats and frequent infections due to a compromised immune system.

There is no known specific cause for leukemia, but radiation e.g. natural radiation from the sun, viruses, chemicals and hereditary factors are possible predisposing factors.


The most common treatment used is chemotherapy and, less frequently, bone marrow transplant. Survival rates vary considerably depending on what type of leukemia is being treated.

Wheatgrass extract assists a young child's recovery

I received the following message from a mother in Florida, USA, whose daughter was receiving medical treatment for leukemia:

My 7 year old daughter, K. has leukemia. The treatment for leukemia is 2 1/2 years for girls and 3 1/2 years for boys. Being on Chemotherapy for years can be very destructive to the body.

When I purchased your products (wheatgrass extract), I must admit that I was really worried about it being a rip off. You must know that I am completely delighted with your products.

My daughter takes the Supershots every day, twice a day. Your Recovery Cream is unbelievable. K. got some sort of severe skin irritation from the chemo. It was swollen, cracking and very red. We applied the cream several times throughout a 48 hour period. Much to my astonishment the irritation started to heal right away and disappeared after two days. Now, she will let me know when an outbreak is starting to happen and your cream handles it immediately. Never, would I have dreamed that a product would work so well.

K. is the star of the Oncology clinic because she does not look like a cancer patient. Her skin is bright, eye's bright, physically she is strong and much to the amazement of the oncology team, she has had very little side effects for the amount of chemo she is getting. We are doing quite a bit of alternatives and yours is primary.

On the blood counts, K's counts have stayed pretty consistent for months. I never connected the possibility that the Supershots was directly related to this. Before the Supershots her counts would go down to 100 for ANC, (Note: A normal ANC* is above 1,500. An ANC less than 500 significantly increases the risk of infection.) and then come back up. The medical staff made this sound very normal. The last time K.'s count was very low was on the 14th of April. Since that time her counts have been in the 1,000's. I do not recall exactly when we ordered, but think this correlates to using the shots. Her ANC has not dropped below 1,000 since that time."

*Absolute Neutrophil Count. Neutrophils are white blood cells.


Numerous studies over many years have displayed potent anti-cancer effects by wheatgrass and other cereal grasses. This is one example: 2007, Karadag:

Wheatgrass extract was shown to be capable of inhibiting growth as well as inducing death of human (acute lymphoblastic) leukemic cells significantly faster than body tissue cancer cells. Also, the response was dose dependent i.e. the stronger the extract, the quicker the cancer cells were killed. (This article attempts to explain how the wheatgrass extract assists treatment of numerous medical conditions - including leukemia.)

There are a number of laboratory studies demonstrating the efficacy of wheatgrass (and other cereals) working against cancer progression. This has also been my clinical experience.

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Dr. Chris Reynolds.

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