Knee injury. Rapid recovery

Amazing injury and pain recovery

A young male fell off his skateboard 6 days earlier and suffered a minor crack fracture of his knee cap. He came in to my office on crutches with considerable difficulty, his right leg painful, stiff and unmovable with severe tenderness behind the knee. Bruising around the area indicated considerable bleeding while his quadriceps muscles were already beginning to waste from non-use. He had been advised to stay off work for at least six weeks.

The knee was grossly swollen and any attempt to move the joint evoked severe pain. I sprayed wheatgrass extract over the area and spread it lightly without massaging. About five minutes later I helped him off the couch where he sat on a chair with his leg fully extended and stiff. Reluctant to try and bend his knee, I coaxed him and he tried again. To his amazement, he could bend it well past ninety degrees – pain-free! He then walked out of my room using only one crutch for support.

After a bit of exercise I expected him to return to work well before six weeks.


The patient was amazed at the result, but having used wheatgrass many times successfully for injuries, I have come to learn what outcomes to expect. I am yet to learn how wheatgrass achieves this “loosening” of soft tissue and pain relief.

In fact, had the extract been applied at the time of injury instead of a week later, he most likely would already have been walking without crutches and returned to work.

Because it can’t be patented, wheatgrass would unlikely attract the interest of Big Pharma, but the potential savings to employers, insurance companies, sporting clubs and the like would be substantial.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.