Knee injury. Rapid recovery

One day, a young male consulted me regarding a skin rash. Also, six days earlier, fell off his skateboard and suffered a minor crack fracture of the patella. He made his way in to my room on crutches with considerable difficulty, his right leg stiff and unmovable due to pain. Although his rash was a problem, knowing what wheatgrass can do as a healing agent, I was more interested in his fracture and the severe pain and stiffness he had behind the knee. There had been considerable bleeding with subsequent skin discoloration, and his quadriceps muscles were beginning to waste from non-use. He had been told he would be off work for at least six weeks, mostly without pay as the accident did not occur at his workplace.

On examination, the knee was immovable and any attempt to mobilise the joint was met with considerable protestation from the patient, it was so painful.

I sprayed some wheatgrass extract over the knee joint and the painful calf area, then gently massaged in some of my wheatgrass cream. About five minutes later I helped him off the couch and he sat on his chair with his leg fully extended and stiff. I asked him to try bending his knee, but he was quite reluctant to do so because of the pain. I suggested that he may find things a little easier now and perhaps could try again. This he did, bending his knee well past ninety degrees, and without pain. He was able to walk out of my room using one crutch only as support. I think he will be back at work a lot sooner than six weeks.

In this case, the patient was quite understandably amazed at the result, but because I have used wheatgrass many times for treating injuries, I have come to know what to expect. And once again wheatgrass lived up to my expectations. The important point here is that the more you use wheatgrass clinically, the more you get an intuitive feel for when it is most likely to be effective. On the other hand, I do not know how this “loosening” of soft tissue and pain relief occurs. To me it opens up an entire area of potential research into the mechanisms of how and why joints stiffen when injured and why such stiffness can be relieved so quickly by applying wheatgrass.

In this particular case, had the extract been applied at the time of injury instead of a week later, apart from some pain on movement, he would probably have been walking without crutches by now or even returned to work.

Wheatgrass may not make money for pharmaceutical companies because it can’t be patented. However, the potential savings to government of lost worktime alone may one day prompt an enlightened politician to take a closer look at this amazing healing herb.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.