Allergy: Fruit acid peel reaction relieved with wheatgrass

This young woman developed a severe reaction soon after fruit acid peel treatment. Application of wheatgrass extract has returned her skin to almost normal after only three days. The mild eczema seen in the picture on the right was present prior to the skin peel facial.

Her mother reported: “My daughter is amazed how quickly the burn and blisters healed as well as healing her pimples using wheatgrass, she said they completely dry out and form a crust, which simply washes away in the shower, she then uses it like a moisturizer. Truly a miracle, thank you.”

Dr. Chris’ comment:

This case questions the wisdom of skin peeling as a means of improving skin quality. After all, peeling only removes the superficial layers of skin but the root cause of blemishes, pimples etc. remain in the underlying layers waiting to redevelop. This can happen quite quickly, sometimes in a day or two.

My approach to creating and maintaining good skin quality is to “normalise” it with wheatgrass extract which usually works well for this purpose if you are prepared to persevere. It is also important to avoid soap and too much warm water as this can wash off the natural oil your skin generates making it prone to dryness and scaling.

And remember, skin is highly sensitive, so the less you apply to it, the better. The fewer potential allergens you apply in the way of moisturisers and other cosmetics, the better. Good, stable skin can be achieved in many cases simply by applying wheatgrass daily, or even on alternate days.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.