Spider bite healed after 9 years standard treatment

Wound not healing for 9 years.Treatment with daily wheatgrass extract commenced.
1. Wound not healed after 9 years. Wheatgrass treatment commenced.
spider bite wound healing with wheatgrass
2. One week wheatgrass. Wound size 20% of original.
spider bite healing by wheatgrass
3. At 7 months, wound almost healed. Surface dry and clean.
healing of 9 year old spider bite with wheatgrass
4. Another week and the wound is healed

The Patient's Story:
In 2006 I was bitten on my hand by a spider. It was the beginning of a hard trial for me. The bite developed into a festering sore that was always bleeding and just would not heal.

Then about 3yrs ago a doctor in Pretoria cut the top part of the sore off in his local surgery. It bled a lot. He believed it was a Sac spider.  It improved somewhat but the poison was still intact under the skin. Soon it was a raw open sore again. I tried everything I could, but the sore remained.

Next a doctor took a sample and had it tested in a registered lab. The result showed it had become cancerous, but non malignant.  About 1.5 yrs ago a bumped the sore.  It erupted again and has been bleeding ever since non stop!!! It is also painful. I went to another doctor here and he referred me to the Steve Biko Hospital. They wanted to cut the sore out and mend it with a skin graft. I refused this as I did not believe it would solve the problem.

Then I heard about Wheatgrass from a friend. I started to use wheatgrass extract. There was an immediate improvement. The sore started drying out and the skin started closing up.

Someone told me that Bi-Carb of Soda and Lemon Juice removes poisons from a boil. I tried it and some blackish stuff came out of the sore. I persisted with spraying wheatgrass extract all the time. It continued improving. I could see the Wheatgrass helping the skin repair. (See photos.)

Now, for the first time in almost ten years I am free from pain and the embarrassment of that open sore.

Thank you Wheatgrass!

D. V. T. Pretoria. South Africa. 24 January, 2016

I have seen numerous non-healing insect bites such as this one heal quickly with wheatgrass, often when nothing else - particularly medications commonly recommended  by doctors - worked. Other benefit of wheatgrass are that it is non-toxic and can be used on patients of all ages including young children.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

M.B., B.S.