SPIDER BITE WOUND LASTING 9 YEARS: Healed by wheatgrass extract in several weeks

Wound not healing for 9 years.Treatment with daily wheatgrass extract commenced.
1. Wound not healed after 9 years. Wheatgrass treatment commenced.
spider bite wound healing with wheatgrass
2. One week wheatgrass. Wound size 20% of original.
spider bite healing by wheatgrass
3. At 7 months, wound almost healed. Surface dry and clean.
healing of 9 year old spider bite with wheatgrass
4. Another week and the wound is healed

The Patient's Story:
In 2006 I was bitten on my hand by a spider. It was the beginning of a hard trial for me. The bite developed into a festering sore that was always bleeding and just would not heal.

Then about 3yrs ago a doctor in Pretoria cut the top part of the sore off in his local surgery. It bled a lot. He believed it was a Sac spider. It improved somewhat but the poison was still intact under the skin. Soon it was a raw open sore again. I tried everything I could, but the sore remained.

Next a doctor took a sample and had it tested in a registered lab. The result showed it had become cancerous, but non malignant. About 1.5 yrs ago I bumped the sore. It erupted again and has been bleeding ever since non stop!!! It is also painful. I went to another doctor here and he referred me to the Steve Biko Hospital. They wanted to cut the sore out and mend it with a skin graft. I refused this as I did not believe it would solve the problem.

Then I heard about wheatgrass from a friend. I started to use wheatgrass extract. There was an immediate improvement. The sore started drying out and the skin started closing up.

Someone told me that Bi-Carb of Soda and Lemon Juice removes poisons from a boil. I tried it and some blackish stuff came out of the sore. I persisted with spraying wheatgrass extract all the time. It continued improving. I could see the Wheatgrass helping the skin repair. (See photos.)

Now, for the first time in almost ten years I am free from pain and the embarrassment of that open sore.

Thank you Wheatgrass!

D. V. T. Pretoria. South Africa. 24 January, 2016

Note: I have seen numerous non-healing insect bites such as this one heal quickly with wheatgrass extract, often when nothing else - particularly medications commonly recommended by doctors - worked. Other benefits of wheatgrass are that it is non-toxic and can be used on patients of all ages including young children.

It is important however, not to overtreat wounds when using wheatgrass extract. Once or twice weekly for most wounds is sufficient.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

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