Earache – wheatgrass relieves pain

In a young child, earache due to infection (otitis media), can cause severe pain and fever which is not relieved by standard medications such as aspirin and paracetamol. There is not a lot more that can be done to help relieve their pain.

I recall a 6 year old boy brought in to the surgery by his mother, screaming with pain and holding his hand close to his ear. He had a high temperature, and the ear drum was quite inflamed. For three days and sleepless nights his mother had done her best to keep him comfortable.

Ear examination revealed a red, glowing. blister on his eardrum (bullous myringitis) similar to the picture below. He also had a high fever.

Usually, there is very little a doctor can do to relieve this very painful condition.

Bullous tympanitis.
Bullous tympanitis.

Instead, with mother’s permission, I dropped a little wheatgrass extract into the boy’s ear. Less than ten minutes later, I asked him to get down off the examination couch - but he was fast asleep!

When I reviewed him the following day, there was no fever and no blister or inflammation on his eardrum.

This case demonstrates how quickly and effectively wheatgrass extract can work for what is usually a difficult problem for any doctor to deal with.

Note: Wheatgrass extract can also work well for dysuria due to urinary tract infection or inflammation, providing infection is treated or ruled out first.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

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