EARACHE: Wheatgrass extract relieves pain

When a young child suffers from earache (otitis media), the pain can often be severe and cannot be relieved with standard treatments such as aspirin and paracetamol. However, there is a better, quicker and easier way to relieve the pain.

For example, a 6 year old boy was brought in to my office by his mother, screaming with pain and holding his hand over his ear. He had a high temperature, and his ear drum was very red. For three days and sleepless nights his frought mother did her best to keep him comfortable.

Examination revealed a glowing red, quite large blister on his eardrum, (as seen in the photograph) a condition called bullous myringitis. He also had a high fever.

bullous myriingitis - a cause of earache
Bullous myringitis. A cause of earache. Note the very painful blister on the surface. 

Usually, there is little a doctor can do to relieve this very painful condition, but, about five minutes after I inserted two or three drops of wheatgrass extract into the child's ear, he had stopped crying, and had fallen asleep. When his mother left about ten minutes later, he was pain-free, wide awake and enjoying a sweet.

The next day, his fever was no more and there was no sign of the blister on his eardrum.

This case shows how quickly and effectively wheatgrass extract can work for what is usually a difficult problem for any doctor to deal with.

I have used this treatment many times to good effect, for both children and adults.

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Dr. Chris Reynolds.