PSORIASIS: 4 cases heal well using wheatgrass extract

About Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common skin condition worldwide. It is characterised by flaking, plaque (thickened skin) and itchiness, and can affect all ages. It is thought to be due to the body’s immune system attacking the skin and disrupting its normal functions - a so-called "auto-immune disease."

Psoriasis affects men and women equally and about 5% of patients will develop joint pains that may lead to joint inflammation or “psoriatic arthritis”.

Case No. 1. Psoriasis 5 years. 55 y.o. male

This 60 year old male had suffered from severe psoriasis for 5 years. The plaque and scaling skin almost covered his whole body. It was the worst case I had ever seen. However, his response after only 3 weeks' treatment of twice weekly application of wheatgrass extract was extraordinary to say the least.

As you can see, the very thick plaque (the raised, thickened areas) has almost disappeared and is replace for the greater part by normal skin. This was quite an extraordinary recovery.

Dramatic reduction in psoriatic plaque in 2 weeks.
Dramatic reduction in psoriatic plaque in 2 weeks.

Case No. 2. Psoriasis 20 years. 63 y.o. male

Back & buttock lesions

Numerous treatments including topical applications, UV light and cortisone (steroid) injections etc. were to no avail, however, summer normally brought some relief.

Gradual but effective improvement of severe psoriasis due to wheatgrass treatment and perseverance by the patient.
Gradual but effective improvement of severe psoriasis due to wheatgrass treatment and perseverance by the patient.

On the left (one month’s wheatgrass extract) shows thick plaque, heavy scale formation and rough, thickened edges around lesions. The patient’s itch had also improved significantly requiring topical steroids only occasionally.

At 6 months, plaque is thinner, lesions are flattening and spreading and a pinkish skin colour has returned. Most noticeable are the numerous “skin lines” re-forming across the wound surface. More psoriatic spots have appeared, but these tend to become pale and disappear in time.

At 9 and 12 months, lesions continue to flatten and fade almost to normal skin colour.

Note: I oversaw this American patient's treatment online. He was one of my first "wheatgrass-treated" psoriasis patients. I advised him to apply wheatgrass three times a day based on my established medical methods. I later learned that "less is best" when using wheatgrass for healing and now I recommend applying wheatgrass extract just once a week for psoriasis. Rate of mprovement in healing has been remarkable as a result.

Case No. 3. 40 years severe psoriasis. Marked improvement in 2 weeks.


This middle-aged lady messaged me about her suffering: “my ever present and sometimes painful psoriasis.”

“I’ve been fighting this monster since i was 15 - about 40 years. I’ve tried so many things including Puva treatment – from Diprosone, Methotrexate, Collodial Silver, MANY and varied tar products, elimination diets.”

I recommended the patient to try wheatgrass extract, applying a small amount over the affected areas (which, as can be seen in the photo below left, were quite severe) just once every two (2) weeks. The top photo above shows how severe her legs were affected and the remarkable improvement of the rash which has faded significantly in the bottom photo. Some open skin wounds have already healed or are healing over. The improvement was so dramatic, she booked an ocean cruise - something she could only dream about until wheatgrass entered her life.

Case No. 4. Wheatgrass extract eliminates teenage umbilical psoriasis

rapid recover from psoriasis in young woman

This 17 year old female suffered from psoriasis for several years. Many areas of her skin were affected by the rash, including the area around her umbilicus, as shown in the photograph. Many topical treatments were tried to no avail. I advised her to lightly apply wheatgrass extract (Skin Recovery Spray), once a month.

This remarkable response to wheatgrass extract supports my theory of “neuronal re-coupling”. (See: How wheatgrass heals.)

For instance, if some of the receptors supplying the damaged area are still functional, then recovery at the skin surface should be possible. In this case for example, some sensory receptors appear to have been “disconnected”. However, after a few months' application of wheatgrass extract, neurological pathways to the brain appear to have recovered, returning the skin's appearance to normal.

In particular, note the inflammation and scaling of the skin in the photo on the left. Then, after six weeks, the skin has thickened, and on the far right, has completely healed. Other psoriasis affected areas responded similarly.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

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