Muscle cramps

We’ve all had a cramped muscle at some time or other. For many people they occur frequently and cause distressing pain that is almost impossible to relieve.

Cramps most often occur in:

•    The elderly – about 30% over age 60 and 50% over 80 – mostly at night. They are often related to medication such as fluid and cholesterol tablets.
•    Pregnancy – around 45% of expectant mums suffer cramps, particularly in the later stages.
•    Sports men, women and children. Very common.

Cramps usually involve the calf or thigh muscles and the feet. Although there are drugs such as quinine that may help prevent them, very little, if anything, works. Icing, stretching, massage, none of these make much of a difference. So what can one do?

For many years now, I have used wheatgrass with considerable success. How it relaxes cripplingly tight muscles I don’t know, but it often prevents cramps and relieves them when they occur. If you suffer from nocturnal cramps, rub in a little wheatgrass over each calf before bed. Also use it as a preventative prior to athletic activity, or apply it as soon as the cramp comes on. You’ll quickly learn how effective it can be.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.