BLISTER – SKIN (LARGE): Heals wound & pain relieved by wheatgrass extract

Burn testimonial:

My friend burnt her ear on a straightening iron. The first picture was not long after it happened. She mentioned it was very painful. She had a bottle of the wheatgrass spray and applied it within minutes of burning her ear. She said the pain subsided instantly. The second picture was taken 2 hours later.

wheatgrass extract heals burn rapidlyd degree burn quickly

This example of a second-degree burn recovery in a very short period of time demonstrates how remarkably effective wheatgrass can be. I know of no pharmaceutical burn remedy - for example, the standard silver sulfadiazine - that can compete. Such a burn wound, being so close to the ear cartilage could easily become infected requiring antibiotics. Fortunately the patient has been saved from this complication with a small amount of wheatgrass extract - a once only application necessary.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

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