Fractures: accelerated healing, pain relief

A young boy with a broken arm

This nine year old boy fell off the playgym at school and fractured his elbow. It was not badly displaced, but very swollen and painful.

The fracture was reduced, the limb immobilised and wheatgrass extract applied several times over and around the exposed elbow. On the first night, about midnight, the boy woke at midnight in pain, but a little more wheatgrass helped him sleep until morning - which is very unusual after such a nasty injury.

Next day, he was virtually pain-free, and swelling had almost disappeared and bruising minimal at day 5.

Ten days later

Remarkably, X-rays showed new bone growth, and the boy was pain-free with  a full range of movement of the elbow so the sling was dispensed with. The orthopedic surgeon was impressed with the rapid recovery in that it would normally take at least six to eight weeks to dispense to reach this stage. For some reason, he shunned the possibility that wheatgrass could have played a part in the healing process, which it clearly had.

How did wheatgrass help the healing process?

To begin with, wheatgrass slows and/or stops cutaneous and subcutaneous (deeper) bleeding. I have observed this phenomenon many times, for instance when treating open wounds that have bled for several hours, where application of wheatgrass extract rapidly staunched small vessel bleeding. Also, tissue swelling for instance in a sprained ankle can often be reduced in an hour or two - without ice.

With fractures, where there is usually considerable bleeding from the broken bone, wheatgrass is able to slow or halt the blood flow which slows the healing process, and pain is reduced. Remarkably, if the fractured limb is already in plaster, application of wheatgrass to the exposed skin at the ends of the plaster will also assist reduction of swelling and hasten fracture healing.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

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