WOUNDS HEAL FASTER: Apply wheatgrass extract

When I look back, I wonder how I ever managed to practice medicine without wheatgrass extract.

As a general practitioner, there are so many ways it can be put to use. For instance, wound healing, burns and soft tissue injuries, earache and high fever in children. Side effects are rare. These are all major advantages over pharmaceuticals in general.

Combined with remarkable efficacy, low cost and accessibility without a prescription, (it is easy to grow wheatgrass at home) wheatgrass extract is an essential tool of trade in my medical practice - and for my nursing staff. Often wheatgrass can resolve a problem where there is no suitable pharmaceutical alternative, as in the following example.

A young boy presented with a painful split in his foreskin that hurt to the point of tears every time he urinated. A minor problem, but nonetheless a therapeutic challenge.

What would you advise, doctor?

Well, in my pre-wheatgrass days I would have recommended perhaps an emollient cream or possibly some hydrocortisone cream if that didn't work. (I can hardly believe now that that is what I used to do!) But I would not have been satisfied with either application knowing it was unlikely to be helpful.

There is in fact little available in our pharmacopeia that actively HEALS damaged or broken skin. Arnica (a herbal) could be a possibility, but it can't be applied to open wounds.

In this case, I applied a smidgen of wheatgrass cream. It healed the wound and relieved the boy's pain, overnight.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

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