TATTOO BLEEDING: Prevented with wheatgrass extract

Wheatgrass extract is a potent hemostatic agent. It helps stop superficial bleeding from the skin surface.

It also helps ease surface pain due to trauma, burns etc.

This video is quite remarkable. A tattooist, having caused bleeding with his needle, sprays a little wheatgrass over the area. He wipes it clean, and the bleeding has stopped.

Surgical and injury-caused bleeding can often lead to wound infection. Applying wheatgrass extract over the operation site before a procedure, significantly reduces bleeding and blood clotting, prevents infection and accelerates the healing process.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

View the video.

Note how the bleeding has stopped and does not return.

Clearly, wheatgrass has blocked small blood vessel supply to the area. This also happens when suturing wounds or reducing swelling due to injury .

Naturally very useful in the operating theatre, doctor's office or at sporting events, schools etc. minor injury recovery is accelerated. By comparison, because ice packs slow blood circulation, they should be avoided.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

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