Acne, severe & “incurable” improves well with wheatgrass

Longstanding, severe acne responds to wheatgrass

Acne is due to a disturbance of sebaceous (oil) glands that are under hormonal control. Wheatgrass can help modulate this mechanism to benefit the patient’s skin. Perseverence with a twice weekly application, can do much to restore the skin’s condition.

Severe acne vulgaris for six years significantly improved with wheatgrass extract.

Wheatgrass extract has helped many of my patients recover from even severe acne vulgaris, as shown in these pictures. Acne can be very distressing for the patient, but wheatgrass has healed many of these patients when they had lost all hope for a cure.

Please note, it is important not to overtreat acne (or any condition for that matter) with wheatgrass. This is not because it negatively affects healing, but because it is not necessary. Application of wheatgrass twice weekly generally works best, and perseverance pays. This patient was lost to follow-up, but as you can see, the pock marks and inflammation have reduced significantly after 12 months treatment.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.