MOLLUSCUM CONTAGIOSUM: Eliminated by wheatgrass extract in weeks

A mother's molluscum testimonial

"Just wanted to drop you a line and say a huge thank you. Initially I thought my four year old daughter was developing skin tags, but very quickly the lumps and bumps quickly developed all over her stomach, groin and legs. After one got badly infected she was diagnosed by the GP with molluscum. He gave her antibiotics for the infection and said it was common virus and we should wait it out.

Not happy with the possibility that it could take 18 months (or longer) to clear on its own and seeing it spread like wildfire, I spent a long time looking on the Internet for a solution. Entirely sceptical, but willing to give anything a go rather than watch the distress it was causing, I used wheatgrass extract. I sprayed morning and night. After a week there was no real change, but it hadn’t become any worse either. Around day 10 the molluscum very quickly started to crust over and dry out. At two weeks they were healing and flattening and now at week 4 all that is left are some red marks that are fading fast.

I could literally weep with relief – thank you so, so much. Photos attached – feel free to use."

R. R. Australia.

Here are the before and after photos showing how effectively the wheatgrass extract has worked in just four weeks:

Molluscum contagiosum before application of wheatgrass extract.
Molluscum contagiosum before application of wheatgrass extract.
4 weeks later. All lesions have completely disappeared.
4 weeks later. All lesions have completely disappeared.
Right upper leg
Right upper leg
Upper leg after 4 weeks wheatgrass extract treatment. Note marked improvement.
Upper leg after 4 weeks wheatgrass extract treatment. Note marked improvement.

About molluscum in children

Molluscum contagiosum is a very common, contagious viral infection that mostly affects young children. It may be unsightly, but it is not a serious condition for either children or adults unless the lesions are "treated" with various physical applications such as icing, burning etc. that can sometimes cause considerable skin damage.

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These viral lesions appear as small, sometimes itchy raised spots that can occur anywhere on the face or body. Although the condition is harmless, molluscum can be unsightly and distressing to patient and carers alike. Entry to public bathing areas are often refused.

How do children get molluscum?

The molluscum virus readily spreads by direct contact e.g. from family members or other children when swimming, playing, bathing or sharing towels, etc. The incubation period can vary between 2 to 24 weeks. If left untreated the spots will eventually disappear, but this could take up to 2 years or more.

How to treat molluscum

I first saw my wheatgrass extract eliminate molluscum in 1996 when one of my sons contracted the virus. I was certain it would not work because at that stage I knew of nothing that could. I then gingerly and doubtfully began applying a little extract daily to his "spots". Then, to my amazement, after about four weeks, they had all disappeared! Since then, I've received numerous positive reports from parents (and from adult patients with the infection). Usually, it takes about 4 to 8 weeks to eliminate the virus and restore the patient's skin to normal.

Prevention is the best approach, so if a family member or friend has the condition, avoid sharing baths, towels etc. and close contact with other children - which may be difficult. 

Prior to wheatgrass, effective treatments were unavailable, and my standard advice to parents (and adults with the infection) was “Nothing works. The spots will disappear in a year or two”. Freezing the spots with CO2, or cauterizing, squeezing, pricking, cutting and burning now seem to be almost barbaric! 

Other “treatments” include benzyl peroxide, Betadine, and Burrow’s solution (aluminium acetate). Aldara (imiquimod) which should not, in my opinion be used for treating molluscum, are often tried. None of these methods are satisfactory, because they are not tackling the cause of the problem. Also, some treatments can be quite distressing to a child. For example, this child treated with cantharone, a highly toxic substance, suffered badly.

Because the extract is very safe, (I even use it for oral and skin burns), it is ideal for treating infants and children. It is also safe to use around the eyes, but apply a little with a cotton bud/Q-tip. – once on alternate days. Increasing frequency of application will not accelerate the healing process.

How does wheatgrass work?

Healing appears to be achieved by restoring the connection of damaged or dysfunctional cellular receptors that exist throughout the body, to the brain. Without that connection the brain will not be able to eliminate the virus.

For instance, the molluscum virus attacks some cellular receptors defunctionalising them by blocking their connection to the brain. The virus can then spread anywhere via the bloodstream and lymphatics then appear anywhere on the skin. However, if you apply wheatgrass extract to one or two affected area(s), the ligands it contains reconnect the dysfunctional receptors to the brain. The brain is then able to take over and “restore” all virus affected cellular receptors. Usually, the skin returns to normal in a few weeks or sometimes - as I have seen, in several days.

This same approach applies to treating numerous illnesses and injuries with the extract. So many other "difficult or untreatable" conditions respond positively to this treatment such as psoriasis, vitiligo, even leprosy (for which there is no available medical treatment). There's only one rule to follow and that is that "less is best". Please don't overtreat! It's wasteful and doesn't accelerate healing.

Molluscum, caused by a virus, can not be cured with drugs. Wheatgrass however, is not a drug, it is a safe herbal extract that contains many ligands capable of re-connecting dysfunctional cellular receptors to the brain.

Finally, wheatgrass is perfectly safe to apply anywhere on the body, including the genital area.

How long will it take the extract to work?

Apply it just once every second day over the worst affected areas. In the first two or three weeks, you won’t see much change. In fact the spots may spread further at the beginning but this indicates the extract is working. It may take several weeks for the brain to destroy the virus, so try to persevere. Molluscum is not harmful, just unsightly. Also, because of the way the extract works, only apply to the worst affected areas. In other words, under-treat rather than over-treat, and don't rub the extract in - because it is unnecessary.

Also, at the beginning, you may see increased numbers and spreading of the spots, redness, enlargement of some, and perhaps some yellowish colouration. Don't worry, this means the extract is working. (And don't throw the half empty container away. There are many other potential uses for it.

Another Testimonial:

"My 3 year old son had a bad case of Molluscum, it was all over his torso & spread to his arms, it was very lumpy & angry looking & it was bothering him. I went to the GP & he said the only cure was to prick everyone with a needle & squeeze out the contents. As you can imagine this isn't an option with a 3 year old! He said as my son was so little this probably wouldn't work so just to wait it out, & one day the body would realize it was there & would heal it. The last straw for me was when I was called to pick him up from Kids Church because of the "rash" he had, was thought to be contagious to the other children. I then searched on google to see if there was something else I could do for him, & I came across " Wheatgrass" I was desperate & thought well it can't hurt.

I was amazed at the results, within 12 days there was a major improvement, the spots had reduced by half. It brought all the cores of the spots to the surface & they were easily wiped away or gently squeezed out. Within 25 days he had no more spots! He had scars from where the spots were, but they have completely gone now, you wouldn't know he ever had it.

Thank you so much, it was AMAZING! I have photographs if you would like to see. (before, 12 days in & 25 days in)."

As you can see below, the pics arrived and wheatgrass extract has again worked its magic.

Before application of wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray
Before application of wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray
After 12 days
After 12 days
After 25 days
After 25 days