Molluscum contagiosum. Another example

This 8 year old girl had suffered from molluscum for over a year. As well as being itchy, she was highly self-conscious of the unsightly spots affecting her back, upper thighs and behind both knees. They were also spreading. From time to time some of the spots became inflamed and were quite painful. Her mother had tried numerous remedies, none of which worked, and was very concerned about the problem. She was told by her doctor to “wait a couple of years”, and they would disappear.

I commenced her on wheatgrass extract twice daily and 18 days later (see photographs below) spots are disappearing (arrows & circles) and have stopped spreading.¬†After 7 weeks’ treatment¬† most of the spots have disappeared.

Mother’s testimonial

19 September, 2005

I am a busy working mum and my daughter who has suffered from Molluscum has had these for over a year. In sheer desperation I had taken her out of swimming class and ready to take her to the children’s hospital as the molluscums were so bad. Now, thanks to you, the molluscums are on the way out. It had taken just a total of 6 weeks and I can now say that I am very satisfied with the result. My daughter suffered irritation from the molluscums, swelling, redness as big as the palm of your hand, itchy and extremely uncomfortable, and not to mention embarrassing. One week after using the wheat grass we noticed a big difference.

We both have confidence that this solution has worked for us and cannot thank you enough for your support.

27 October, 2005

I just wanted to let you know that after I had sent my testimonial to you it was a week later that I checked Laura’s body for any further changes. What I found was that ALL the Molluscums had gone, No signs at all of any Molluscums. We were so pleased. Laura is back swimming again and wearing low back tops and is on top of the world.

THANK YOU for all your support.

G. O. Melbourne, Australia.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.