VITILIGO: “Incurable” skin condition is cured with wheatgrass extract

Vitiligo is a chronic, (long-standing) supposedly “autoimmune" disorder that removes pigment from the skin to leave random whitish patches as seen on the lips of the young woman in Figure 1.

This condition is generally thought to be caused by auto-immunity, when the body's immune system attacks pigment-containing cells that cause patchy, frequently bilaterally located, lightened skin patches. This occurs when melanocytes – the skin cells that make pigment – are damaged or destroyed, causing the skin to turn a milky-white colour.

My theory is quite different. For some reason, groups of cell receptors responsible for maintaining skin pigmentation lose their functionality (many possible causes) and lose contact with the brain. Also, skin pigment loss in these patients is frequently bilateral, which could be due to a "crossover" effect from one side of the brain to the other side.

Photograph of the lips of a vitiligo patient
Fig. 1. Severe vitiligo decolouring a patient's lips.

Skin de-pigmentation has been generally considered to be irreversible, but as shown in the photographs below, wheatgrass extract has significantly restored some of these discoloured areas, often completely, by lightly applying wheatgrass extract over the affected area(s) once weekly, and persevering for at least two or three months.

Before and after photographs of the elbows of a vitiligo patient
Fig. 2.
Photograph of the hands of a vitiligo patient
Fig. 3.

The damage is generally considered to be irreversible. However, wheatgrass extract can help restore these depigmented areas to their normal colour, apparently by re-activating damaged cellular receptors in the affected area(s), as shown in Figures 2, 3 and 4.

The before and after wheatgrass extract photographs above and below are of the same patient.

Before and after photograph of the legs of a vitiligo patient
Fig. 4. Significant reduction of vitiligo affected lower limbs in a young male.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.