BRUISING (HEMATOMA): Wheatgrass extract shrinks large bruises and eases pain. 2 cases.

"My 72 year old mother had a bad fall down the stairs on 6th March resulting in a very large hematoma in the lumbar region. Doctors at the hospital told us it would be a very slow recovery saying it would take a minimum of 6 months before we began to see any improvement of the hematoma and it was causing her great discomfort. I found Dr Chris online after doing some research who was so kind and helpful. We followed his advice using the wheatgrass cream and honestly we can't believe how much it has improved in such a short space of time. It really is quite remarkable! I would highly recommend wheatgrass extract for anyone suffering with a hematoma. Thank you so much Dr Chris for all your help! 

Photos are all taken over a period of 12 weeks from time of injury to now. We started using the wheatgrass cream 4 weeks after injury. So the wheatgrass has been used for 8 weeks in total so far. 
Severe, large body bruising recovers rapidly after wheatgrass extract is applied regularly. "
Severe bruising recovers remarkably well just 2 months after regular application of wheatgrass extract on alternate days only. Without the extract, healing could have taken twice the time.
Large hematoma after kick from football boot. Wheatgrass extract applied immediately.
Large hematoma after kick from football boot. Wheatgrass extract applied immediately.

When this footballer was kicked in the head, I ran out on the field immediately and applied wheatgrass extract over the large swelling (hematoma) that had already developed.

The photograph was taken 2 hours later, and no ice had been applied. The next morning, considering the intensity of the blow, neither swelling nor bruising was visible. Clearly, the extract has not only prevented further bleeding, but has also prompted absorption of the fluid that created the large bruise.

This is another example of "normalisation" of damaged tissue, where wheatgass extract re-activates damaged cell receptors that notify the brain of the injury, which then responds accordingly.

Swelling (hematoma) has disappeared 12 hours after injury.

Wheatgrass extract, if applied soon after an injury, quickly stops bleeding underneath the skin and reduces swelling.

It is also very useful treatment for other injuries such as burns, before and after surgical procedures, falls in the elderly, and many more.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

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