Healing: Wheatgrass at work

Wheatgrass extract contains a number of physiological facilities that accelerate the healing process. For example:

1. Anti-inflammatory effect: Rapid reduction of redness, swelling and pain. e.g. burns, diabetic and venous ulcers.
2. Hemostasis: Cessation of capillary bleeding, acceleration of blood clotting (hemostasis) and absorption of blood clot..
3. Wound re-surfacing: Acceleration of re-epithelialisation (skin surface recovery) and mucus membranes. e.g. anal fissure, burns, oral wounds, abscesses etc.
4. Induction of skin & connective tissue elasticity:  Sometimes within 10-15 minutes of application, there occurs softening of stiff, arthritic joints and increased movement, skin tightness and even burns contractures.

More specifically:-

1. Accelerated rates of wound healing are the norm for lacerations, superficial and deep burns, and to a lesser extent for varicose and arterial ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers. Disappearance of bacterial infection during treatment suggests return of normal blood and lymphatic circulation to the area.

A thin membranous re-epithelialisation forms over open wounds and burns usually within 24 hours of application of the extract, preventing or eliminating wound infection.

Several cases of chronic leg ulcers consistently returning positive swabs for bacteria reverted to normal following extract application.

2. Some viral infections can be strongly suppressed by the wheatgrass extract. e.g. in the early stages of herpes zoster and primary herpes simplex. Molluscum contagiosum usually resolves in 4 to 10 weeks or less. In infectious mononucleosis many patients have recovered completely within 2 or 3 days of treatment, providing it is early in the disease. Bacteriostatic and mycostatic effects also suggest immune stimulation and activation.

3. Solar keratoses and basal cell carcinomas often gradually recede and disappear over several weeks with regular application.

4. Acutely inflamed osteoarthritic joints sometimes revert to a quiescent state a short time (approx. 30 minutes) after application of the extract. Chronically inflamed joints can also respond favourably, relaxation of joint stiffness being a major feature.

5. In Raynaud's Disease, rapid vasodilatation can occur in both hands following application of the extract to one hand suggesting involvement of the central nervous system, yet vasoconstriction can occur when applied to chilblains.

6. Some patients with chronic fatigue due to multiple sclerosis, post-viremic syndromes, HIV/AIDS etc. demonstrated remarkable improvement in fatigue within one or two weeks of oral wheatgrass extract. In a small private study, a number of HIV/AIDS sufferers demonstrated increased T4 cell counts.

7. There is sometimes a tendency towards homeostasis in sufferers of diabetes mellitus, (? glibenclamide binding effect).

8. Veterinary surgeons and trainers report rapid clinical improvement in horses suffering from nodular pharyngeal hyperplasia. Dogs with “kennel cough”, an upper respiratory tract infection also responded quickly to treatment.

9. Hardened, keratinised skin frequently softens soon after application of the extract, suggesting restoration of damaged sensory neural transmission. For instance, the almost disappearance of the birthmark in this photograph:


Some other healing observations following wheatgrass application suggesting central nervous system involvement:

1. Hemostasis and fibrinolysis occur in the same wound simultaneously.

2. Alopecia areata – hair growth recovery in alopecia patients. (View cases)

3. Burns contractures – softens scars, relaxes contractures. (View case)

4. Molluscum contagiosum – eliminates virus responsible. (View cases)

5. Psoriasis - systemic reduction in pruritis - even if only applied to one affected area of skin. Reduction in plaque thickness and scale with tendency towards recovery. (View cases, testimonials)

8. Wheatgrass extract is often effective for the relief of temporo-mandibulitis, plantar fasciitis and epicondylitis.