Burns contractures. Rapid return of movement

This young man suffered severe burns to the front of his chest 3 months earlier in an industrial accident. Subsequently, he developed severe scarring and contractures of the muscles and tendons that prevented him being able to elevate his shoulders above the horizontal.

A small amount of wheatgrass extract was applied over the tendons connecting the shoulder to the front of the chest (pectoral muscles). Initially, there was no change in his ability to abduct (elevate) his straightened arms. However, about ten minutes later he gradually lifted his arms to a vertical position above his head as shown in the photos below.

Wheatgrass extract clearly loosened the tendons and muscles¬†enabling this to occur. But how could this happen? In my view, the wheatgrass somehow “signalled” the brain of the muscle tension and stiffness, to which the brain responded. It is not known whether this patient was able to maintain this movement which astonished not only the patient, but the burns surgeon and other hospital doctors present at the time.

Also, wheatgrass, when applied over muscle tissue, acts as an excellent muscle relaxant in normal tissue and is ideal for pre and post-exercise application and for rapid relief of cramped muscles.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.