Injuries: Wheatgrass restores movement of burns contractures


An extraordinary physical response to wheatgrass extract

This remarkable wheatgrass observation was witnessed by nine doctors (including myself), and four medical students during an outpatient clinic at a teaching hospital in Indore, India.

Three months earlier, the patient suffered severe burns to the front of his chest and neck, caused by a furnace blast. He also suffered scarring and contractures of the muscles and tendons connecting his shoulder muscles to the chest, which prevented him from elevating his shoulders above the horizontal. (Fig. 1.) He had not been able to work for three months due to his injury.

In Australia, I had used wheatgrass extract to increase limb movement in a few patients with burn contractures, so I suggested applying it to this young man's burn-damaged skin. With his permission, I sprayed some extract over his worst affected areas.

Then, after about 10 minutes, he gradually extended his arms to the vertical as shown in the photographs.

Strangely, no one, except the students, and the consultant (who had already seen wheatgrass save a child's life), took much notice.

How did the patient's movement recover?

On the surface, wheatgrass extract appeared to "loosen" the tight, contracted tendons and muscles that restricted the patient's movement, allowing him to move his arms at the shoulder. But, many years' clinical experience with wheatgrass told me that in some way, the bioactives in the extract most likely "re-connected" damaged sensory and motor nerves to  the brain, which then responded positively.

(View a similar response in a stroke patient who regained limb movement a few minutes after wheatgrass extract was applied to paralysed limbs.)

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