Rapid return of movement of burns contractures

An extraordinary physical response to wheatgrass extract

This young man suffered severe burns to the front of his chest in an industrial accident three months earlier. Subsequently, he developed severe scarring and contracture of muscles and tendons of the upper arms and chest wall, which prevented him from elevating his outstretched arms above the horizontal.

A small amount of wheatgrass extract was applied over the tendons connecting the shoulder to the front of his chest (pectoral muscles) and about ten minutes later he could lift his arms vertically.

How did movement recover?

Wheatgrass extract appeared to “loosen” the tight, contracted tendons and muscles that restricted the patient’s movement, but whether or not he was able to retain it is not known.

I have observed on many occasions wheatgrass quickly relaxing tense body tissues – particularly cramps, muscle strains, pulled muscles etc. Applying a little wheatgrass over muscle tissue e.g. calves, hamstrings and quadriceps before athletic activity can substantially reduce injury to these areas and assist recovery afterwards.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

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