Unlike most medicines, success with wheatgrass extract is better if you use less rather than more.

In fact, over-treating with wheatgrass can sometimes even slow the healing process of some conditions. Therefore, only apply (or take) a small amount, and NOT EVERY DAY. This may sound strange, but I have learned much over the past 25 years after treating thousands of patients successfully with this remarkable herb.

For instance, when treating diabetic leg/foot ulcers, I usually begin with a ONCE WEEKLY application until the wound has been debrided i.e. when all dead tissue in and around the ulcer has been removed and blood circulation has returned. I then reduce even further – to ONCE A MONTH, depending on the patient’s progress.

As a general rule, whether taking the extract or applying it to the skin – avoid overtreatmet!

This advice is based on many years of clinical experience using wheatgrass extract successfully for many medical conditions and injuries. 

Also, if you persevere with oral wheatgrass, it can improve your health status. One teaspoonful of wheatgrass extract (e.g. Dr Wheatgrass Supershots) – every two or three days – is sufficient. Also, hold the liquid in your mouth for a minute before swallowing. This allows absorption of bioactives through the wall of the mouth directly into the bloodstream, where they appear to have a “whole body” effect.

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Dr. Chris Reynolds.