The concentrated wheatgrass extract I use in clinical practice can hasten recovery of a wide range of medical conditions and injuries. These recommendations for use are based on more than 25 years' clinical experience. To achieve maximum healing benefit:

  1. Less is best
     -  whether you’re applying the extract for a skin condition, injury, or taking it for health and well-being (e.g. easing the negative effects of chemotherapy), do not overtreat.
  2. For skin conditions, injuries, wounds etc.
    Please use the Search button as healing rates can vary according to the location and type of condition being treated.
    Generally though, apply a small amount of wheatgrass extract over the affected area(s) no more than twice a week - often much less  - and persevere.  e.g. psoriasis - once a month.
  3. For wellness and boosting your immune system
    Adults: ½ teaspoon of wheatgrass extract twice per week (for example, on Mondays and Fridays).
    Children: ¼ teaspoon of the extract once per week.
    Infants: 2-3 drops of the extract once per week.

You can contact me for wheatgrass healing advice which is free.