Chemotherapy & radiotherapy (9 testimonials)

I had terrible side effects from chemotherapy including anal fissures. I tried everything the hospital gave me but nothing worked. The pain was horrendous. I bought this as a last resort and in 2 days I had relief. By the time I seen the surgeon consultant the following week it was gone. This was my life saver. May not work for everyone but it certainly worked for me.

L. D. USA. 8 March, 2016

I am feeling much better since I have had the last chemo on new years eve.I am now in remission but I do not know for how long.I am taking the Weatgrass Super shots as you have suggested 3 times a day, I am certain it is helping me a lot. I am not so tired any more and I haven't got the fuzziness in my head and can think very clearly with out feeling tired all the time.

My Oncologist also told me exercise is proven to be very helpful, so I am using my Rowing machine that also has a bike part on it, every day for 20 minutes. I am really enjoying the rowing part as it is very low impact I am finding, it also makes me feel very good.

B. R. South Australia. 8 March, 2014

Hi there. My mum has just finished radiation for bone metasteses in her neck vertebrae. She was told she may have a very sore throat and vomitting from the location of the radiation treatment. When her throat began to get sore, I told her to take wheatgrass shots. She started taking it and her throat soreness disappeared!!! She is now also rubbing the skin recovery gel on her skin to heal the skin burns from the radiation - they are looking better already. She is now about to start 3 months of oral chemo on Xeloda. Is it okay for her to continue the wheatgrass shots whilst on chemo? Just want to make sure it won't interfere with the effectiveness of the chemo. I have heard great testimonies of how wheatgrass shots help people feel better on chemo but I just want to be certain it won't affect the effectiveness of the chemo. Thank you so much for your wheatgrass products...I recommend them to everyone and use it daily. My latest discovery is that a sunburnt lip can recover within 2 days by applying your cream 3 x a day.

J. B. Australia. 3 January, 2013

Chemotherapy-induced numbness improves with wheatgrass

I am applying the Superbalm twice a day, I had started of with the samples I got with my Order of Wheatgrass Supershoots, I received the Superbalm order on Monday. I must say it is a heaven-sent the relief I am getting, I am doing this in conjunction with the Supershots and the Goji Juice as you have suggested. I can not wait to tell my Oncologist when I go for my next check up, as he was very quick to say I can take Wheatgrass Supershots when I had ask him.

I find using the Superbalm straight after a Shower in the morning seems to start me on a good footing, I also put it on before going to bed at night. I hope the swelling of my ankles and legs will also stop a lot more down the track even that is not as bad as it has been. I am going to continue with what I am doing, and will let you know of my progress further down the way.

I thank you so much, it is so nice to be able to walk with more assurance. I have some friends coming today and her husband also had chemo and is also complaining of the same thing as I am, i will recommend your Superbalm .

B. R. Australia. 25 October, 2012

I can't tell you how much the wheatgrass shots have been helping me with energy and in dealing with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. A newly diagnosed co-worker saw the big change in me and I explained, she promptly purchased 12 bottles. Supershots is HOT! And I love it, cause it gives me back a little bit of who I used to be.

L. O. New York, USA. 20 August, 2010

Two years ago I chanced upon your website while searching the internet for something to relieve my teenage son's anal fissure. Not only did the cream work to relieve symptoms but it also healed the fissure much to my son's relief as conventional medicines had been unable to do that. Since then your wheatgrass cream has become a daily stalwart in our household used to relieve a multitude of ailments much to doctor's and chemist's surprise. Simple sore throats and aching ears can be relieved by spreading cream on swollen glands and around tender ears. Eye infections, pimples, cuts, abrasions, skin blemishes, stretch marks and general aches and pains have all been stopped in their tracks. Menopausal women have found relief using the cream as a lubricant and migraines have been helped by massaging cream on tender spots around the eyes and head including the scalp.

Most amazingly though I have used it on myself for radiotherapy burns,bone metastases from breast cancer, sore joints and tender spots and it has helped alleviate pain and heal tender areas much to my oncologists amazement.

Your wheatgrass cream is wonderful and we cannot live without it. Thankyou bringing us this fantastic product and your wheatgrass shots are also used by all to boost our immune systems and keep us fit and well.

M. C. Australia. 22 October, 2007

Thank you for the Supershots. My reaction to the Bisphosphonate infusion was much milder this month. I am especially grateful that my mouth stayed normal and did not lose its top layer of cells. The joints in my fingers also stayed normal instead of bright red and incredibly painful. There was nausea and fatigue but I have those anyway!

M. S. Western Australia. 19 March, 2007

My husband has been going through Chemotherapy for the last 9 weeks and one of the many side affects is sores on his lips. They where quite a mess, bleeding every time he tried to eat. The nurse treating him gave him some cream they used at the hospital, but did not work. I bought some "wheatgrass" and within 2 days they looked kissable again. We were amazed and so was the nurse. She got the name of it so she could recommend it to any other Chemo patients with these side effects. Thankyou so much!

S. M. Australia. 9 February, 2007

I purchased your Super shots, Skin Recovery Cream and the Skin Recovery spray. My 7 year old daughter, K. has Leukemia.  The treatment for Leukemia is 2 1/2 years for girls and 3 1/2 years for boys.  Being on Chemotherapy for years can be very destructive to the body.

When I purchased your products I must admit that I was really worried about it being a rip off.  You must know that I am completely delighted with your products. My daughter takes the Super shots every day, twice a day.  Your Recovery Cream is unbelievable.  K. got some sort of severe skin irritation from the chemo.  It was swollen, cracking and very red.  We applied the cream several times throughout a 48 hour period.  Much to my astonishment the irritation started to heal right away and disappeared after two days.  Now, she will let me know when an outbreak is starting to happen and your cream handles it immediately.  Never, would I have dreamed that a product would work so well.

K. is the star of the Oncology clinic because she does not look like a cancer patient.  Her skin is bright, eye's bright, physically she is strong and much to the amazement of the oncology team, she has had very little side effects for the amount of chemo she is getting.  We are doing quite a bit of alternatives and yours is primary.  The Oncologists had no problem approving your Super Shots because it is plant derived and not herbal.  Apparently, they do not allow any herbal products while on chemo.  Needless-to-say, K. loves the taste of your product and it does not cause her any stress to drink it whereas actual wheat grass juice could not be tolerated at all.

Many thanks to you.  (Photograph of happy, smiling K. in swimming pool was attached)

D. W. Florida, USA. 17 June, 2008