In the USA in the 1930’s, wheatgrass (and other cereal grasses) were used effectively (e.g. Chlorophyllin) in highly respected hospitals for treating war wounds, burns and many other conditions. In due course, penicillin, discovered in 1941, gradually replaced natural treatments.

For instance, drugs such as digitalis, derived from the foxglove plant and widely used effectively for the treatment of heart problems and virtually free of adverse side effects, was replaced by the pharmaceutical "Digoxin".  It worked well for heart failure, but many patients died from negative side effects.

In 1995, I "re-discovered” the remarkable but forgotten healing properties of wheatgrass. Since then, I have used it successfully for treating numerous medical conditions and injuries, often when no alternative treatment was available. 

Wheatgrass extract can accelerate pain relief and hasten recovery of burn wounds, venous ulcers and many other skin and medical conditions and injuries - often when pharmaceutical treatments fail.

These days, the medical profession seems to ignore the benefits of natural remedies such as wheatgrass. This link shows just how effective it can be for healing, often when there is no effective pharmaceutical available.

Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.