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Miracle Spray!!

This was my first time using this product, read a lot of great reviews so thought I’d try it, so happy I did!! Great product, taking the redness out of my psoriasis as well as clearing the molluscum on my grandsons legs!! I’ll be buying this again for sure.

C.L. 8 May, 2019 Amazon US

Helps my psoriasis. Even have my mom using it. She's had psoriasis since she was 11 and it's helped her greatly. Her doctor recently wanted to know all about it.

Amazon Customer. 12 October, 2017

Excellent recovery cream
My husband has Psoriasis all over his body and his arms get really sore. This is the first cream he has used which has calmed the itching and there is definitely some improvement to the thickened areas. Will definitely purchase again.

hugo19210. October 2017. Reviewed on

Helps psoriasis. Thanks to Amazon.

W. G. USA. 21 May, 2016

I think this is a good product. I bought it for psoriasis on elbows and it helped a lot. As for a scar I have from surgery, not sure how much it helps, but overall a good product.

T. Z. USA. 19 June, 2015.

Thanks to Amazon

This is the first cream that helped with my psoriasis spots!


My 15 yr old daughter, Charlotte, has suffered dreadfully with psoriasis for the last  4/5 years. Her arms became almost completely covered with it and it was also on her legs, stomach, chest and back, though to a slightly lesser degree. She also has it in her scalp.  She has spent the last few years missing out on swimming and ensuring she is covered up at all times including summer, school discos, sleepovers and shopping for clothes left her feeling quite depressed as she was unable to buy the fashionable tops her peers were wearing.

I came across Dr.Wheatgrass on the internet - I have spent many hours on this, in the hopes of finding something to help Charlotte! After looking at the website I sent you an email saying that I was rather sceptical having tried many different things, from many different sources and spent hundreds of pounds only to be disappointed each time. You kindly replied  telling me to look at your 'professional' website as opposed to the marketing one and advised us to use the wheatgrass products for at least 6 months to give them a good try but that psoriasis was a 'difficult one'!  By now I was so concerned about Charlotte- her psychological as well as physical state- with no effective help from anywhere - that I decided to spend more money and ordered some wheatgrass spray,cream and supershots.

That was in October 2008 and now 6 months later the improvement is amazing. The psoriasis on Charlotte's arms has almost disappeared apart from the odd patch round her elbows. Much of it has cleared on the rest of her body as well. I can't believe that after all this time and all the brick walls we've come against that something is actually working! Until now Charlotte would not even walk around the house without long sleeves but is now wearing t-shirts!  Her school prom is on May 14th and  6 months ago she was saying she would be unable to go (prom dresses with long sleeves?) but 2 weeks ago she went and tried on dresses and looked beautiful! What I really am leading up to saying after this rather rambling email is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU  so much for this  remarkable product that has at long last helped my daughter when all else has failed.

I realise that this can be a lifelong problem but we obviously hope it will disappear completely in the near future. Meanwhile , hopefully, as Charlotte has a more positive self image, her self belief and confidence will grow. I know this sounds dramatic but I really feel I want to shout this from the rooftops! If there is anyway I can help promote this product in England please let me know.  With gratitude,

J. B.  UK. 17 April, 2009

I am writing to say THANK YOU!!!! I bought your cream about 2 mths ago initially for my anal fissure which it did help ease & I preferred it as the usual zinc based creams aggrivated my natural vaginal Ph level, this did not. But I wanted to tell what an absolutely amazing cream this is for my psorasis. I have a form which splits creating open wounds and is annoying at best. It forms on my joints of my fingers, & toes and finger tips. As soon as I see the scales forming all I do is apply and in hours....HOURS!! disappears. Same when a split forms, all I do is apply and within hours its healed and I keep applying until the scales have gone (usually within days). I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it is that you have researched this wheatgrass and formed this product. Thank you, it has helped me immensely. It has taken me years to find a product that actually worked. I am thoroughly impressed.

S. P.  Australia. 3 October, 2006

At this point I really don't care what any of the skeptics have to say. I know what I am experiencing and I am more encouraged by the progress than I have been in many years. I am very greatly in your debt for your interest and for giving me a chance to try the wheatgrass. As I have told you before, even my dermatologist (who is one of the most respected in Iowa) has said in the past that I have been the hardest case to treat he has ever seen. He has had patients with more and wider spread psoriasis than mine, but they have responded to treatment much better than I ever have. He has even tried the cortisone injections with the expectation they would reduce or eliminate the worst plaque areas. They did not respond at all.

....and on 2 February, 2004 after 12 months' treatment with Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray

I have now been using the wheatgrass spray for one year. I stopped using the three topical steroids I applied daily when I started using the wheatgrass spray. The first thing that I noticed was a distinct thinning of the plaques. Before very long all of the thick plaques were gone. I was somewhat concerned when I seemed to be developing new small lesions and the large one on my back looked as if it was spreading but with no thick plaque. Then I was informed about the rebound effect that many people experience after stopping topical steroid use. Through the months my large lesions have become smaller and many of the little ones have disappeared completely. I have developed normal skin in the center of the large lesion on left leg. I no longer have any thick plaque areas at all. My wife says she has not seen nearly as much dead skin on the sheets and a reduction of dust, which is mainly dead skin, in the house. She usually applies the wheatgrass for me because it is very difficult for me to reach the area on my back.

If my lesions continue to improve as they have been I look forward to most of them completely disappearing in time. Even if they do not, the absence of the thick plaque, the reduction of itching and the fact that the lesions no longer bleed, drain and hurt as they once did is a miracle to me. Add to that the fact that the wheatgrass contains no potentially dangerous steroids or dangerous chemicals convinces me that the wheatgrass is a winner at every level.

C. P. Iowa. USA. 14 October, 2003

Psoriasis and Eczema (Long)

I am 30 years old and have had psoriasis as long as anyone can remember. Mum and dad began the battle against it while I was blissfully unaware of what it was and I continue to fight it to this day. My main patches appeared first on my scalp and behind and in my ears followed by a generous covering of my torso as I got to my teenage years and arms and legs during my twenties. By my late twenties it had invaded under my nails too, making my nails thick (and very ugly) and causing them to detach from the nail bed and hence catch and pull on anything!!

I think I can honestly say that I have tried absolutely everything ever recommended for psoriasis from emollients and moisturisers to corticosteroids and UV therapy as well as homeopathy, vitamin therapy and acupuncture. Although each had varying success, none of them have given me any lasting relief. I am now completely steroid resistant (it does nothing when applied externally or taken internally other than make what remained of my "good" skin go very pale and thin!) and no real further medical avenues of treatment are available. My younger brother who has fought the battle with eczema all his life is in a similar situation with no treatment able to provide him with any relief and his hands and feet in particular so dry, cracked and bleeding that even wearing shoes or trying to write with a pen is a very painful, and often messy (due to blood) experience.

I began an internet search looking for any further ideas for either of us to pursue to try to even relieve the itchiness and stumbled across the wheatgrass active web site. As the cream and spray were inexpensive (especially compared with what we had been using previously) and the worst they were likely to do was nothing, rather than have a whole lot of nasty side effects like the steroids and UV therapy can, I bought some for both of us and we began our experiment.

Within the first few days I noticed that I was much less itchy than usual and my brother saw real improvement in the dry state of his skin. After a week I was completely itch free (I had never had this experience before in my entire life!!) and my brother was comfortably wearing shoes and socks with no side effects. After two weeks his hands and feet looked almost "normal" again and by the end of three weeks you couldn't tell he had eczema! Mum and dad came to visit him about a month after he started using the Dr Wheatgrass and neither could believe what they were seeing!! He continues to be generally eczema free, with occasional flare ups that are quickly brought under control with continued use of the Dr Wheatgrass. His 6 month old son, who was demonstrating early signs of having inherited his dad's eczema, loves ite too and now has lovely clear, baby pink skin all the time!!

My psoriasis continued to be under better control with the number of new patches appearing each week getting less and by about 4 weeks of using the Dr Wheatgrass I was noticing a decrease in the number of patches. My patches have continued to slowly shrink and then disappear. The most amazing part for me is the way that applying wheatgrass active to the patches on my front (easy to reach) also caused the patches on my back (unable to reach!) to shrink and fade. I am now down to 5 remaining patches on visible skin and a few small ones in my scalp. All of the remaining ones are much smaller than they were and continue to gradually fade. The only itchiness I experience these days is from the mozzie bites I get!!! I can't praise Dr Wheatgrass highly enough. It has given my brother and I back our lives and self confidence, no more having to answer small children's questions of "Why is you skin falling off?". The real advantage of the Dr Wheatgrass lies in the lack of unwanted side effects, the only side effect either of us have noticed is that all of our skin is wonderfully soft and smooth and that's a side effect both of us are happy to deal with.

People have noticed the changes in both of our skins and many others have now found the relief that Dr Wheatgrass can have. One of my best friends was involved in a nasty accident about 12 months ago where she ended up badly cut by plate glass and had to have surgery to repair the damage. The scars she was left with on her arms were not pretty and she was very self conscious of them. We decided to give the Dr Wheatgrass a go on the scars and they are now much less raised, closer to normal skin colour and for her the best part is that they don't "pull" any more. Anyone who gets to close to me seems to get coated in Dr Wheatgrass!!

M. E. New South Wales. May, 2005