PLANTAR FASCIITIS (painful heel): Pain relieved by wheatgrass extract

PF pain improves or disappears with wheatgrass extract

My approach to treating many medical problems and injuries is quite different to orthodox methods. For iinstance, I use a wheatgrass extract for treating plantar fasciitis, and it often works.

Having observed some rather startling results where patients had recovered, in some cases overnight, from chronic, severely painful and disabling heel pain, I ran a small study on the internet. Some thirty PF sufferers, mainly from the United States agreed to apply a wheatgrass-based cream on their painful heels daily for a period of three months.

Around 65 percent of them had significant improvement in pain, and some had complete resolution of symptoms.

In retrospect, it would have been better to only apply the wheatgrass once weekly, because increased understanding of how the extract works, and observations of some cases where the pain ceased on one application, has significantly changed my view on dosage. We now know that when using wheatgrass extract, that a small amount along with fewer applications - say once weekly - can work much better than over-treatment.

Also, I do NOT recommend injecting steroids into patients' painful heels. They can do more harm than good and even aggravate the problem.

Is PF really due to injury? I don't think so. It seems to me that pain receptors in the heel have been "disconnected" from the brain, or damaged in some way - from  injury, for example. It appears that wheatgrass extract is able to re-connect dysfunctional peripheral pain receptors to the brain which often restores normal function and, in many cases, relieves pain.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

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