Doctors praise wheatgrass extract as effective treatment (10)

Hullo Dr.Chris. A patient of mine recently had great success with your creams in treating her chronic anal fistula. It was so wonderful to see her recovery.

Dr. R. D. Australia. 14 October, 2010

Earlier this year I was introduced to your products and have found them to be excellent. I have been encouraging my patients to use your products, but because it is not available locally, there has been some reluctance. I am a lifestyle GP and much prefer recommending a natural product for the treatment of health problems.

Dr. J. I. Victoria. Australia. 13 October, 2014

Hello I am pleased to tell you that I have used your products in my office and had success with patients with anal fissures. The wheatgrass shots have been beneficial in the reduction of general body aches and pain from fibromyalgia. I would like to know if I can get your products at a discount for my office.

Dr. T. H. USA. 10 February, 2014

Just thought I'd let you know how happy a patient was.

She suffers from bruising and ecchymoses from all her anti arthritis medication. There was a particularly big area around her left hand. I massaged the Wheatgrass cream into that area, and she rang the very next day. The effect was so dramatic - the bruising area had virtually shrunk to at least a fifth of the original size. She was so happy and went out that day to buy herself a tube of the cream.

Dr. H. (Plastic Surgeon) New South Wales. 11 April, 2011

Dr. Chris,

Just wanted to share with you some of the effects of wheatgrass on my patients:

1.  Parrot bite - beak of the parrot sank on the flesh of the forefinger causing the skin to turn whitish. It was very painful.  Rub skin recovery cream on the bitten area applying it with a little bit of massage.  After 10 minutes, the pain was gone and the skin was back to normal.  Reapplied skin recovery cream after a few hours as follow-up.  Everything was ok as if nothing happened.

2.  Parrot claw marks on the arm - same patient (in #1) who has a pet parrot.  She would allow the parrot to perch on her arm and do a little bit of walking.  After playing with the parrot, it leaves claw marks on her arm,  She applied skin recovery cream, with a little massage.  The marks are gone after two applications.

3.  Bleeding after tooth extraction. - took a capful of Supershots, let it stayed in the mouth (around the area of the extracted tooth), bleeding stopped immediately.

4.  Difficulty in sleeping - patient was able to sleep after 4 weeks of consuming Supershots.

5.  Patient under chemotherapy due to lung cancer - was able to sleep better & appetite improved, had more energy.

Thank you.

Dr. J. G. The Philippines. 27 June, 2010

Dr. Chris, I recently received a report of an elderly woman who was diagnosed with hemangioma behind the ear. I have not personally examined or seen the patient as she lives in a different province. According to the patient's doctor, the hemangioma burst and surgery was required. After the surgery, the bleeding wouldn't stop. The patient applied the wheatgrass spray to the bleeding wound….. and amazingly, the bleeding stopped!  2 - 3 days later, the wound which was previously covered with a bandage is now only covered by a strip of band aid.

I am so happy to share the good news with you.

Dr. J. G. Philippines. 11 July, 2010

My daughter had such bad eczema and molluscum I took her to my pediatrician almost in tears pleading for help. He gave me steroids that made the ezema better but the molluscum out of control. I'd go to the dermatologist and they'd put acid on the molluscum and the eczema would flare up. So I went back to my pediatrician asking him what to do. He said "you know? I've heard of this stuff called Dr. Wheatgrass. I've had patients use it and it's worked for them". So, I called one of your US suppliers and it has started to work! I am amazed and want to thank you for making this product. The backs of my daughters knees no longer bleed or itch and she can wear skirts again and not be embarrassed by her bleeding skin!

E. L. USA. 1 September, 2009

We were recently given a sample of your product. It was great! I used the cream on my forehead which had developed a scaly rash. I could not believe that in two days the rash was gone and skin is smooth. Excellent product.

Dr. S. W. Queensland. Australia

Your wheatgrass cream is pretty impressive - I splashed a big blob of boiling oil onto the back of my hand the other day, tried the cold water for few hours, started hurting as soon as I took it out, then aloe vera juice which stung like anything, then finally remembered the wheatgrass stuff - it worked like magic, stopped hurting after the second application, no worries at all, just slightly red mark!!

Dr. P. R. New South Wales, December, 2004

I have used the wheatgrass spray on a small child which burnt her hand on a boiling water the results were amazing. The Superbalm has helped people with pain.

Dr. L. V. Mumbai, India. 6 May, 2009