Diabetes & diabetic foot ulcers (12 testimonials)

Dr. Wheatgrass accomplished what my doctor couldnt!

I got the Dr. wheatgrass anti oxident spray for my boyfriend. He is Type 1 diabetic and has been to his doctor multiple times for leg ulcers. We were quite frustrated that not much seemed to help. The wounds were painful for him and lasted a very long time. After we got the wheatgrass spray and he began using it on an ulcer as big as a silver dollar, in just 3 weeks it began rapidly healing the wound as shown in the pictures above. We will be buying more of Dr. wheatgrass's products for him to use very soon. Thank you !

J.H. 01 June, 2020

Worth every penny

This was used on a diabetic ulcer located on my hubby’s foot. It’s the only thing that actually worked for him. It took three months to heal completely but it worked. I would buy this again and sooner if I knew about this sooner.
Worth the money

Sara. Amazon US. 22 April 2020

Used to treat a diabetic ulcer. it works

Amazon Customer. USA  11 March, 2019

Works! Bought this for my mom. She had a bad diabetic ulcer on her foot that wasn’t responding to doctors treatment. They gave her oxygen treatments and everything. I saw this online researching natural alternative because she was refusing to spend more time at her doctors office. Nothing worked and it was getting worse. After 1 month it is almost healed up. This stuff works. They use it daily. If you are a diabetic with sores, this is the stuff to have.

S. C. Amazon USA. 17 January,  2019

My wife is a diabetic and she has very sensitive skin and her legs broke out with some sort of rash and this stuff is healing her skin very nicely! I highly recommend this to anyone looking for something to sooth your irritated skin!

wardog. USA. Amazon Customer 13 November, 2017

I've been diagnosed with Diabetic Ulcers on my toes... Dr. Prescribed a $1000 medication. I decided to try the Dr Wheatgrass... I'm having great results so far.

MA. USA. 17 September, 2016 Thanks to Amazon

I am diabetic and have never found anything like this before for diabetic foot problem and I have used many products...IT healed an infected cut on toe in two weeks and has helped heal diabetic ulcers very quickly.,..I tell everyone I can about it and my doctor is now telling her patients...also great for animals and so natural! I am now going to try some of their other products...

J.C. USA 08 June, 2015 Thanks to Amazon

My father is diabetic and he too had an ulcer between the big toe I applied Dr Wheatgrass skin recovery cream and the ulcer cleared within a week even the podiatrist was surprised and asked me how I treated it all of Dr Wheatgrass products are great and I recommend them to everyone !!!!

T. N. Australia. 20 March, 2013

It arrived within 2 days and we started using it right away on my husbands foot. We already see an improvement in his diabetic wound and it has only been a few days!

B. K. USA. 5 October, 2013 Thanks to Amazon

After having a leg ulcer for five years after using the spray my leg has finally started to heal in just a matter of 48 hours I am so happy!!My wife while researching diabetic leg ulcers had come across your product, she now is using it on her contact dermatitis on her face with outstanding results, now she is amazed as steroid prescribed creams made it worse.

C. P. Western Australia. 16 January, 2013 

I was a supplier of organic wheatgrass on the Central Coast NSW Australia, for about three years. Whilst growing and supplying I became curious about the effects that wheatgrass would have on diabetics (as it tastes so sweet) so I asked my daughter's employer who is diabetic (stable control) if she would try it for me so we could see how it affected her levels. She took 30 mls the first day and her levels dropped from 13.5 to 11.5 in half an hour then that night she went home and ate an ice cream (which I do not advocate). To our surprise her levels were down to 9.5 the next morning.

So she started on a program of 30 mls daily, her levels stayed at 9.5 till I introduced frozen wheatgrass out of convenience. Her levels dropped to 4.2 on 60mls per day. Her levels have remained the same even though she has stopped taking wheatgrass some years ago.

I also have a friend who is a surgeon here in Australia. She is an insulin dependent diabetic (she also took 30mls of wheatgrass daily for one week but it made her sick). Anyway her level prior to taking the juice was 19.5. Her level dropped to 7.2 the next morning (she took frozen wheatgrass from the start) she has taken frozen juice every two months and her level has stayed down to 7.5. I wondering if any one else has done any investigating to the effects of wheatgrass juice on diabetics that may have had the same results that you might know of. I would appricate your letting me know.

J. C. New South Wales. 11 August, 2006

Dr. Chris' comment:

I support your view that wheatgrass can lower sugar levels in diabetics, both insulin-dependent and non-insulin dependent. I too have seen similar results in diabetics taking my wheatgrass extract. The first time I observed this was in 1995, and there have been many more since then.

Medical research and my own observations suggest that wheatgrass (not chlorophyll) is most likely a central nervous system messenger that provides feedback to the brain via influencing neurotransmitter activity.  This is seen in many instances such as rapid skin recovery, wound healing and increased production of blood elements by the bone marrow, and regular wheatgrass drinkers often report weight reduction.

Peripheral Neuropathy

I am using the foam from juicing as external application for a number of conditions. Including Peripheral Neuropathy from class 2 diabetes. It seems to be helping to reduce the symptoms. Also a possible cancerous growth (undiagnosed professionally). Which cleared up after appearing to get worse.
The Dermawheat (Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray) is good for healing cuts and abrasions but the raw fresh juice seems to be more effective for these other things. Even if there is a green tinge on the skin.
B. L. New Zealand. September, 2007