Diabetic foot ulcer (“Charcot’s Foot”)

diabetic foot ulcer, Charcot's foot
August, 2017. Wheatgrass treatment commenced on diabetic ulcer.

Charcot’s foot

This 75 year old woman suffered from a recurring abscess (actually a diabetic foot ulcer) for many years. She wrote: “Prior to the purchase of your (wheatgrass) spray I was using Medi-Honey or calcium alginate, alternating. The appearance was pink skin with little exudate (“leakage of body fluid”). I have “Charcot Foot” with a bony protuberance that acts up every few years.”

“Charcot’s Foot” is due to diabetes and some other medical conditions that damage nerves (neuropathy) and weaken muscles in the leg that keep the foot in its normal position. This causes deformity on the sole of the foot so that continued pressure tends to erode the overlying skin and create an ulcer. This can take many months to heal, and some never do. After two weeks of wheatgrass extract, sensation that had been absent for several years, is recovering.


6 months after commencement of wheatgrass treatment, there is a fully debrided, well-perfused, pain-free ulcer that is about to commence wound closure.
6 months later, after debridement, the ulcer is about to begin healing over.

Ulcer Debridement

After six month’s wheatgrass treatment twice weekly, the ulcer is now pain-free but appears to have grown significantly. This is deceptive because in fact the dead tissue around the ulcer edge has been debrided or removed revealing the true size of the ulcer.  

Also, note that the bottom of the ulcer shows that the blood supply, which was previously compromised by the patient’s diabetic status, has returned. This means that there has been repair of the microcirculation, the tiny blood vessels that are essential for feeding tissues with oxygen and nutrients, and subsequent regrowth of damaged tissue occurs. Now the ulcer is completely debrided or “cleansed” and the blood supply fully restored, healing can begin.


6 weeks later, renewed blood supply has enabled, ulcer repair
After another 6 weeks’ wheatgrass, wound is healing well.

Six weeks later

Aided by a “new” blood supply, the wound has almost healed.






2 months later, the wound is completely healed.

2 months further on

The wound has healed completely and the patient remains pain-free.






In 1995, I began successfully treating numerous diabetic and other ulcers with wheatgrass extract, many of which were considered  “untreatable”.

As the ageing population increases, the problem is approaching epidemic proportions. Unfortunately, “modern” medicine with all its expensive wound dressings and other treatments and techniques is unable to heal them. Wheatgrass provides an alternative approach.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

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