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An Observation on the Effect of Dr Wheatgrass Super Shots on a Cat with Severe Stomatitis

Primary Subject: 2-year-old spayed female cat named Sparky. History unknown. Rescued by a private cat rescue group. Unable to be handled, requiring sedation for all vet visits. Treated by Community Vet including removal of teeth due to severe Stomatitis. Placed in foster care with prednisolone (Redipred) at .07ml daily in food. Overall health poor. Weight 2.0kg as at December 2019.

In January 2020, Sparky and another cat with the same medical condition came into specialised foster care. The second cat, Puss-Puss (PP) was in better shape and on .07ml of Redipred once a day with food. Sparky was on .05ml Redipred twice a day with food. Medication was mixed with food as neither cat could be handled. Because Redipred suppresses a cat’s immune system, Sparky was constantly suffering from oral infections by way of inflammation and ulceration of the gums and requiring anti-biotics and pain relief every two weeks. Sparky was caught in a vicious cycle with no end and vets constantly recommending euthanasia. A friend recommended SuperShots as they had successfully treated Cats with Stomatitis.

The first wheatgrass Supershots order arrived on 8 May and Sparky immediately had her meals reduced to one a day and the .05ml Redipred also reduced to once per day, while 1.0ml wheatgrass was added to her food. Sparky also had 1.0ml of Hemp Seed Oil (HSO) routinely added to her food (the same as all the other household cats). Beginning 11 May, Sparky had her Redipred reduced to every second day. The dosage remained unchanged at .05ml. However, the wheatgrass extract was increased to 2.0ml a day. On 20 May, the Redipred was reduced to each third day, while the wheatgrass remained at 2.0ml daily. On 27 May, the Redipred was reduced to every fourth day and the wheatgrass was increased to 3.0ml. From 10 June the Redipred was reduced to every fifth day while the wheatgrass remained at 3.0ml a day. The use of Redipred ceased on 28 June, while the wheatgrass remained at 3.0ml daily for another week and then ceased on 5 July. There’s been no need to recommence treatment since then.

Progressively reducing the Redipred allowed Sparky’s immune system to stabilise and recover. The Dr Wheatgrass SuperShots, even when mixed with food, albeit in larger amounts than if applied directly to the gums, stimulated Sparky’s appetite, and importantly, stopped the inflammation in the gums and healed the ulceration. Sparky has not only gained weight (3.6kg up from 2kg), but is more active, playing with the other household cats, and now able to groom herself without the fear of a mouth infection due to a healthy immune system. Furthermore, the excessive drooling that caused hair matting and ugly staining as well as requiring daily bedding changes also ceased when Sparky began the wheatgrass treatment. Sparky returned to the vet on 28 July for evaluation of her condition and the vet was amazed at Sparky’s transformation.

The other cat, Puss-Puss (PP), did not suffer from Stomatitis as severely as Sparky, but was nonetheless given exactly the same treatment in the same time frame as Sparky and she too has improved dramatically, her weight increasing from 2.9kg to 3.9kg in the same period.

D.L. Australia. 31 July 2020

My cat Charlie seems to get what is called Chin Acne every Spring. Obviously vets offer topical steroid type creams but I choose where possible Dr Wheatgrass. He has it again at the moment and for the last 3 days I have been spraying Wheatgrass spray on a cotton pad and gently holding it on his chin. It is ridiculously amazing how it has cleared up and is almost gone.  So thank you again.
Oh and my family had a recent trip to Italy for holidays and my 13yr old daughter said to me, whatever you do Mum do not forget to pack the Superbalm, and I did take it, and we definitely used it!
Warm regards as always

D.N. Melbourne. 16 November, 2018

Love this product. Helped heal a wound on my dogs foot.

TS. USA. 6 January, 2018

This product was delivered on time and performed as described by seller. We were so impressed how the spray helped the healing process on the open sore, on my dogs foot, that my wife ordered the cream for use on aging spots. We found that sample cream enclosed with the spray to be very effective for this use....

TS. USA. 5 December, 2017 Thanks to Amazon

Fantastic product. My bulldog gets indigenous cyst in her paw and this works like magic

Anthony. USA. 23 November, 2017 Thanks to Amazon

Hi Dr Chris This is Diane from Melbourne, a huge fan of all your products. I just wanted to let you know that today my cat came in from outdoors with a bleeding graze on his chin. He is a house cat and only goes outside for a bit of sunshine and to go to the toilet so I don't know what he was getting up to. His chin was bleeding so I washed it and then sprayed some Wheatgrass on a cotton pad and held it on his chin. That was about 6 hours ago, I have done it again twice since then and now all you can see is a little pink mark. Once again thank you for your amazing products. Regards

Diane. Melbourne. 5 August, 2017

Great for dogs that are prone to skin allergies, we use it on our staffy when he starts to develop his usual seasonal rash and heat spots. If you get into it as soon as it starts can save many $$ at vets on antibiotics and cortisone not to mention got to be better for your dog. Highly recommend.

S.W. Australia. 10 May, 2017

Also works on animals. My dog had radiation for a nasal carcinoma and I used the burn spray and recovery cream on his face. He also had the Supershots. His face was very sore and weepy, it all cleared up within a week. Amazing stuff.

V. A. Australia. 17 March, 2016

It's amazing stuff, seems to be my mantra "put some wheatgrass on it". I use it on my pets as well, one of my dogs had a blocked anal gland, which I used the spray on, prevented surgery.

S. E. Australia. 25 February, 2016

Hi Dr Chris. I would like to tell you about my success using your Wheatgrass Spray on my cat Charlie. He has developed over the last couple of days a discharge from his eyes. It hasn't been enough to make him seem unwell but he recently spent time in cat boarding so I was wondering if he picked something up from there. Before taking him to the vet I decided to try wiping his eyes with a cotton pad soaked with your Wheatgrass spray. It has been 2 days now and he woke up this morning with no discharge at all in either eye, amazing!! I will continue for a few more days just to make sure it has cleared up but I am so pleased with the result and no need for a stressful visit to the vet. Sincerely.

D. N. Australia. 1 December, 2015

I have used DrWheatgrass SuperBalm and SkinRecovery cream on all sorts of rashes, burns and bruises on myself and my family. As a naturopathic physician, I would not have been surprised by positive results, but the variety of lesions successfully treated and the speed of the healing surprised even me! The family dog, Leto, if he could speak, would also tell you that the SuperBalm healed his poor floppy ears-- he suffered through recurrent yeast infections, which have cleared up completely. I have also used the SuperBalm on his hot spots, and his friend Sophie's hotspots with great results.  What's more, I didn't have to worry about them licking their wounds!

I'm recommending Dr Wheatgrass products for my patients and all their animal friends!

Dr. Zora DeGrandpre. USA. 7 March, 2014

“My main reason for getting Supershots was to help my dog Buddy, who is in his last days, and was tired out from the ordeal. He has had a persistent cough since March 2013, coming and going, but lately constant, depriving him of rest, and other problems with his heart, growths under his neck etc..
In the first week he has been holding his head and tail higher, is engaged in his surroundings, has been eating more, and is now entering the bus by himself. Previously he had been so weak that at times jumping down from the bed via an intermediate platform could leave him collapsed on the floor.”

P.D. Australia. 21 November, 2014

Hello, My name is Kate and I just wanted to say a huge thank you. Your product is amazing! Not only did it drastically improve sore spots on my mum's foot but it also soothed and rapidly healed dry spots on my dogs skin. My three year old dog is very spoilt and it made us so sad that she had big dry itchy spots that we just couldn't get rid of! She became very sulky and slow and then we decided to try Dr wheatgrass on it and within two treatments her skin was softer, smoother and she seems to be coming back to her old self! thank you so much!

K. C. Australia. 19 August, 2013

We have a pug dog who has a grass allergy. We usually use a cortisone cream from the vet to treat her feet when they swell and blisters form. It is very painful for our pug and she is lame for several days. We were introduced to Dr Wheatgrass by  a family member and within two days her feet were improving and she was able to walk on four legs and the blister was healing and the swelling was almost gone.  I would now recommend it to my friends without hesitation  Thankyou Dr Wheatgrass.

J. B. Australia. 7 May, 2013

Hi, I just wanted to let you know of another success story that we have had using the wheatgrass recovery spray. Several years ago I used the
cream and spray on my son's molluscum with great results and have subsequently always kept a bottle of the spray in the medicine cabinet
ever since. We recently noticed an unusual lump on our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog. On taking him to the vet we were told that it was a
histiocytoma and that they sometimes go away by themselves in a few months. The vet said to watch it for a little while and if it didn't go
away then he would recommend having it removed. I decided to use the Wheatgrass spray on it and over the next few days watched the lump get
smaller and smaller. After 7 days of using the spray the lump was entirely gone! Amazing product. Great to know we can safely use it on our pets too.

J. T. Australia. 29 January, 2012

It was interesting to read your email on Wheatgrass for dermatitis/eczema on dogs. I actually tried exactly the same thing on our Pomeranium/Bichon F. dog who has in the past, had doses of Cortisone from the Vet. I have used the Wheatgrass spray (because it is easy to apply) and the relief seems to be instant and she is now quite happy to lie still while I spray! Perhaps I should try the Balm for a longer lasting effect.

J. R. Australia. 9 December, 2011

Have just read your information on wheatgrass.  I just wanted to say I have used it both for myself and my dogs. Amazing stuff. In particular I have found it performed miracles on hot spots. Healed them on my retriever in four days.

A. Y. Australia. 5 January, 2000

I have a testimonial! Spray and Cream for a kelpie with chronic eczema- worked beautifully.

A. J.Australia. October, 2005

I have also used the spray on my dog. Basically my dog gets “hot spots” which can be described as losing of the fur and gradually going from scaly skin to a bleeding sore. Since using wheatgrass I know when she starts to bite or lick in the area I spray and within 24 hours its not a problem anymore. I know this is not the realm of what you do but I am very happy with the result.

J. M. Australia. 9 November, 2005