Erectile dysfunction? Wheatgrass extract can solve the problem

Erectile dysfunction usually occurs between the ages of 40 and 70. The penis fails to enlarge and/or harden, interfering with or preventing sexual intercourse. This problem can be solved by applying wheatgrass extract lightly over the penis and scrotum (where the testicles are located), just once a day or before intercourse. Erection can occur just a few minutes following application, (See Fig. 1.) which suggests the extract has activated increased blood flow to the genital area.


Erectile dysfunction is mainly due to malfunction of blood supply i.e. the penile arteries, veins, or both, especially in older men. Wheatgrass extract actively assists blood circulation.
Fig. 1. An important cause of erectile dysfunction is reduced blood supply to the genital area. Application of wheatgrass extract over the penile and testicular areas appears to help solve this problem.

According to a number of reports, penis enlargement (mostly due to rapid restoration of blood supply), can occur several minutes after application of a small amount of the wheatgrass extract over the genitals (penis and testicles). The extract appears to restore and maintain blood supply to the area so that erection follows. Both wheatgrass extract liquid or cream can be used, but use less, rather than more. A little wheatgrass extract goes a long way. (Click here if you need more information.)

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

An encouraging testimonial:

My husband was taking a cap full of wheatgrass Supershots every day to generally improve his health. Within three to five days he noticed that he was frequently getting erections that lasted for prolonged periods of time.  As he didn't have a problem with erectile dysfunction, he decided to stop the shots. Quite clearly, the wheatgrass was doing something!

P. W. Australia. September, 2022

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