Erectile dysfunction

Not a new discovery!

Some years ago, a Malaysian company, INSbio released a product called 1E20 extracted from wheatgrass sprouts and mixed with honey as a remedy for erectile dysfunction.

The reason for its “efficacy” was supposedly due to the high concentration of amino acids and minerals which improves blood circulation.

There have been many “explanations” for how wheatgrass works. In fact, it has been known for centuries that cereal grasses can positively influence fertility.  For instance, I know of a number of males whose sperm counts rose rapidly after ingesting wheatgrass not to mention many women trying to conceive who did so after taking it regularly. This suggests influence by wheatgrass on our hormonal status.

Perhaps the Malaysian company is on the right track – but for the wrong reasons.

But does that matter? Wheatgrass is harmless and taken by millions, including myself. It can help one achieve and maintain good health and wellbeing. So, if wanting to conceive, try taking wheatgrass two or three times a week for a few months. It could change your life!

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that wheatgrass will be effective for erectile dysfunction, but you never know until you’ve tried it.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.