Bites and stings testimonials (10)

I was with a client last week and while we were talking he was stung on his finger by a bee. He said he was allergic and his hand was going to swell badly. I had some wheatgrass Burnspray with me. I removed the stinger and applied some Burnspray. He was amazed. The pain stopped almost immediately. And to our surprise it never swelled. There was just a small white welt. Amazing stuff. N.L. South Africa. 21 February 2018

Wow this is excellent for everything to midge bites. I even took it to Fiji when we went on holidays and they loved it where we stayed as it worked and they wanted me to sell them my bottle. Thank you S.J. Australia. 31 October, 2017

My husband surfs he often often gets stung by blue bottles and he normally suffers a bad reactions. Wheatgrass spray stopped the stinging and the welting very quickly.

T. A. Australia. 17 February, 2016

Yesterday I was out mowing the lawn and disturbed a wasp’s nest. One of them stung me on the chin, and it hurt like hell. I’ve never known such pain. I ran inside, grabbed my bottle of wheatgrass spray and squirted it on my chin. I kid you not, in thirty seconds the pain had completely gone. And there have been no after effects! How does it DO that? N. S. Australia. 1 March, 2015

I tried some of your skin recovery spray recently at a friends house and used it for inflamed dermatitis and insect bites. I found your product to be amazing. C. B. Australia. 5 January 2015

I had experience with your products a little while ago I was given a sample of the superbalm to which I applied on a spider bite that lingered around despite using traditional wound dressing methods, as a nurse it was frustrating that I couldn’t heal my own wound but I put the tiniest bit of superbalm on it every night after my shower and I am pleased your amazing product healed me in less than a week. If it could do this for me I want my.patients to get the same rapid healing response.

L. E. Australia. 20 December, 2014

Recently a friend of mine was suffering from a bad attack of sand-fly bites. We applied the Skin Recovery Formula and she felt instant relief, on a second application a few hours later the irritation was totally resolved.

S. N. Australia. 21 December, 2013

My kids were stung by wasps and we put the wheatgrass cream on them. It did seem to help, especially to take the pain away quickly. K. J. USA. 6 October, 2011

Well it does work, I was sceptical having had a Spider bite my right leg sweld to about 3 times its normal size then split open in 3 places, a month in hospital then convelescing at home for the next 18 months, well i ended up with these very open leg ulcers I tried all of the creams from the chemist over this period, the only thing that really helped was Medi Honey but as soon as you touched the wound the little healing that had took place just disappeared.  I put the wheatgrass cream on my ulcers and if by magic after about two and a half weeks new skin started to form, it took another 6 months to heal the ulcers and another 6 month’s to heal completly now you cannot tell that I had ever had a problem, I am 62 so no spring chicken I have recommended the Wheatgrass cream to lots of people nobody ever says it does not work I also take the super shots just a capfull a day and again after a few weeks I was felling real good, Wheatgrass does work give it a go you have nothing to loose. B. B. Queensland. 15 July, 2009

I have been troubled with allergies to mossie bites and midge bites for years. The bite normally swells up and goes septic eventually. I was sick of using Stingoes and and calamine. (I have had to have antibiotics on some occasions.) I put some of the wheatgrass spray on the latest wounds. The results are amazing really, instead of the usual swell and ooze I have clean non itching, non swollen bites which are healing very well. The spray is transparent too so I do not get a “pink” or “white” smudge on my skin and clothing. Thank you very much for this wonderful spray. A. C. New South Wales. 16 October, 2006