Wound Healing (3 testimonials)

The product and skin recovery have been working great for me with my wounds. I will be ordering another round. What I have found as soon as I have a wound starting and use this it doesn't allow them to grow and get out of hand. I currently have two large wounds and they are heading in the right direction. Excited to finally have a product that will keep them from heading down a long depressing road. I use all 3 products and for the cost of one office visit it's well worth it!!!!!!

Amazon Customer. United States. 2 January, 2021

The first option for any serious skin problem – I used this cream to heal a mrsa infection (after squeezing as much pus possible). My daughter got a small burn from hot oil, she said the cream stopped the pain immediately. It greatly soothed and improved my other daughter’s eczema. A drop of it at each use is enough. Its pricey and high quality. This is the first time I bought this cream, After reading the recommendations from the Sproutman.

motherofpearl101 October, 2016 Review from ebay.com

Excellent product – It is very expensive but goes a long way. Its soothing . I use it for wounds and inflamed tissue.

taylora1953 Superbalm as reviewed on ebay.com