Wound Healing (4 testimonials)

Excellent and quick results

This product when used regularly begets results very quickly. Did have an ear lobe infection for about a year that would not heal. Within 2 months this product brought the unhealed area to complete healing. Highly recommend using this product

B.S USA. 26 June, 2021

The product and skin recovery have been working great for me with my wounds. I will be ordering another round. What I have found as soon as I have a wound starting and use this it doesn't allow them to grow and get out of hand. I currently have two large wounds and they are heading in the right direction. Excited to finally have a product that will keep them from heading down a long depressing road. I use all 3 products and for the cost of one office visit it's well worth it!!!!!!

Amazon Customer. United States. 2 January, 2021

The first option for any serious skin problem – I used this cream to heal a mrsa infection (after squeezing as much pus possible). My daughter got a small burn from hot oil, she said the cream stopped the pain immediately. It greatly soothed and improved my other daughter’s eczema. A drop of it at each use is enough. Its pricey and high quality. This is the first time I bought this cream, After reading the recommendations from the Sproutman.

motherofpearl101 October, 2016 Review from ebay.com

Excellent product – It is expensive but goes a long way. Its soothing . I use it for wounds and inflamed tissue.

taylora1953 Superbalm as reviewed on ebay.com