Shingles (herpes zoster) (6 testimonials)


Dear Dr Chris I have successfully  used the recovery cream for anal fissures and it works daughter didn't believe me till I made her apply it to her hemaroids and it gave her great relief she is still using it ..I bought your wheatgrass spray and that helped wonders for my mum when she had shingles so I truly love your products..
Many thanks

R. G. Australia. 02 February, 2020

I was suffering from excruciating pain for two days due to the shingles rash, so I went to see a Dr. He prescribed with Acyclovir and some ointment along with aspirin to relieve the pain. The pain still persisted and I could not sleep. Then I used Dr Wheatgrass Spray, and within two days the pain completely disappeared. Thank you so much Dr Chris ! without your spray, my herpes would not have healed so quickly. I  was able to walk properly and even travel on my holiday within a few days all because of the application of the spray once in a day! Definitely recommend this spray to anyone suffering from this horrible painful viral rash.

A.K.  Hong Kong. 15 October, 2017

I have recently had Shingles behind my right ear and down onto my neck. The Wheatgrass Spray gave me a lot of relief from the pain and I am sure it helped heal the rash quickly. An added bonus was that my husband could spray it on the rash without touching me and risking catching it. It was very cooling and soothing. Thank you so much Dr Wheatgrass for your wonderful products.

M. B. Australia. 22 August, 2017

Hi, my mother had a very bad case of Shingles. Pain was unbearable and and treatment from the doctor was of minimal relief. Up in my cupboard was some Dr Wheatgrass super balm amongst other tubs I have. With nothing to lose but all to gain I gave it to my mother to try. The relief was unreal and my mother wondered where to get this miracle cream. Lucky I had the good fortune to know this wonder of inventions through the game of cricket with my son and had seen the healing powers it posses. Would highly recommend this cream for any type of skin aliment and relief, Thank you again.

V. B. Australia. 15 November, 2015

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the amazing results I have seen using dr wheatgrass spray and gel on my sons molluscum contagiosum and my shingles outbreak!

Firstly my then 2 year old was covered in molluscum for just over a year and we tried many different creams. It only took a week for the Dr Wheatgrass spray to completely heal it all up. We were amazed.
Also I used the gel on my chest after coming down with shingles and it took the itch out of the rash and cleared it up very quickly. I have also been using it as a face cream and my skin looks flawless!

Thank you your product is amazing!

H. W. Australia. 27 January, 2013

On 18 Apr.'09, I was diagnosed with "shingles". I had experienced the outbreak for about 4 wks. I had tried everything from antibiotic to fever blister creams with no noticeable results. The blistered area (on the left side of my face...cheek near my nose) got larger and more painful. I was told that there was absolutely nothing the doctor could
do besides give me a pain medication where I could at least get some sleep, and relief from the burning and itching.

I began using Dr. Wheatgrass Antioxidant Skin Recovery Cream on or about the 19 Apr. '09. By 25 Apr. '09, the area of the blistering had all but disappeared...and had quit hurting.

Today is 27 Apr. '09, nothing is left of the shingles except for a slight redness where the worse blistering had been. I've been using nothing but your product. Shingles are TERRIBLE. People who suffer from them need to use your product!

G. W. Texas, USA. 28 April, 2009