Infertility: Testimonials & how wheatgrass may help (5)

I read somewhere that it helps build more follicles during the IVF process. It may just be a coincidence but I've been taking a double dose for 3 months and my follicle numbers doubled and both ovaries are functioning better. I'm very happy!

Elizabeth. USA. 27 July 2016       Thanks to Amazon from Dr Wheatgrass

Dr. Chris, regarding the conception, I definitely think that it helped I am 42  and have had a long fertility journey and with me my main problem was implantation as i had endo which was missed for over 6 years by dr,s and so i feel that the wheatgrass  may have helped with my fsh levels staying i have read that it is common for it to rise in late 40,s and mine are in the normal range . Also i have been on chinese herbs which may have helped and this a natural conception which i am thrilled about.

R. R. Australia. 26 May 2015

Dear Dr Chris, Just a big thank you really.
This is the first month I've taken your supershots and, after 1 year of unsuccessful trying to get pregnant, I appear to be pregnant!
So thank you! NB I've not done anything else differently (aside from also taking vitamin B6 - presumably there is no clash in taking the two together)?
I note the shots are suitable for pregnancy, so I'll continue taking them - at the rate of 2 teaspoons per day unless you suggest otherwise.
Well, thank you for all your hard work with this, Nancy

N. H. UK. 25 October, 2013

Hello Ladies,

I just wanted to let you know that on October 3 my FSH was 12.4 (I was also on day 3 of my menses for labs). I was so worried once I learned about the score and immediately researched how to lower it. I started to take wheatgrass and I just got tested again November and it was down to 10.9!!!! I had only been taking it a few weeks so I know it works.

Jenny. 4 December, 2011 Dr Wheatgrass Infertility Forum

I just wanted to leave a message about my recent experience with Dr. Wheatgrass superhots and pose a general question to Dr. Chris about what he thinks has happened in my situation. I am a 45 year old female, with a history of surgery related infertility, and now High FSH. I was told recently by my IVF specialist that my FSH was too high to continue with IVF. He tested me at 70 which he said meant that my ovarian reserve had sunk so low I was in perimenopause. Anyway, I had read about the benefits of wheatgrass as a potent fertility booster and so decided to try Dr. Wheatgrass Supershots to see if they would help. I took a double dose (two capfuls) every day for three months. I have just done a new FSH test, and discovered much to my delight and amazement that my FSH is now 6.9! The IVF specialist is reconsidering allowing me to continue with IVF. It seems incredible, but true.

Panpan. 11 February, 2008 Dr Wheatgrass Infertility Forum


Dr. Chris Reynolds comments about wheatgrass and infertility:

Many women trying to conceive have reported a significant fall in FSH by taking wheatgrass extract, and many of them conceived.

There is no set dose, but a 'rule of thumb' would be a half teaspoonful (2.5ml) shot of wheatgrass extract (Dr Wheatgrass Supershots) ONCE A WEEK. I recommend you hold the liquid inside your mouth for a minute before swallowing to allow for absorption of bioactives in the herb to pass into your bloodstream.

Note: Cereal grasses such as wheatgrass have been shown (in laboratory animals) to have a profound “normalising” effect on the pituitary gland which must be functioning normally for conception to occur. View article summary. It is very likely human females also receive assistance from wheatgrass in the same way.

Also, reports from Thailand tell us that some males taking wheatgrass extract demonstrated significant increases in sperm counts, some of which rose quite quickly i.e. in a few weeks.

I think this makes sense. If wheatgrass can "normalise" the female hormonal system by influencing the pituitary gland, then it could have a similar effect on male infertility. Therefore, if conception is the aim, it would make sense for both partners to take wheatgrass as mentioned above.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.